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Early voting turnout is up in Tarrant County

Early Voting 4

Max Faulkner / Star-Telegram

Early voting may have ended, but polls will be open across Texas again on Tuesday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Arlington bond package includes $160 million to fix the worst streets, sidewalks

Arlington officials hope voters will approve $160 million bond issue to rebuild bumpy streets, buckled sidewalks and congested roadways.

The race for House District 101

State Rep. Chris Turner has one challenger — Libertarian Carl Nulsen.

Millennials lean toward GOP, survey finds

Millennial voters are more of a swing vote this time around, and likely young voters actually prefer a Congress controlled by the Republicans, according to a new national Harvard Youth Poll released Wednesday.

Political costumes, masks not welcome at the polls

On the last day of early voting, officials warn voters to be careful what they wear.