Eagles lead Cowboys after third quarter. 6:07 PM

Eagles Cowboys

Ron Jenkins / Star-Telegram

DeMarco Murray’s 1-yard touchdown run and Dan Bailey’s 28-yard field goal are the only scores for Dallas, who trail 30-10 at the end of the third quarter.

From the top: TCU can’t play underdog role against Texas

Unlike 2012, the Horned Frogs go into Austin on Saturday as the favored team.

Should Texas stop observing daylight-saving time?

Two state lawmakers have filed measures to address daylight-saving time.

Retail workers prepare for Black Friday throngs 5:04 PM

Best Buy will be among the chains opening for doorbuster sales on Thanksgiving Day and spent a recent Saturday morning getting its workers ready for the rush.

As the holidays arrive, so does the flu season 2:11 PM

Officials urge those who haven’t received a flu shot to get one now before the virus becomes widespread.

‘Lost Boy’ hopes to reunite with mom after 30 years 8:25 PM

James Thiep Angui survived a civil war in Sudan, eventually making his way to Texas. He hopes to return home — for a visit to see his mother and family — next year.

Cynthia M. Allen

A grateful granddaughter on this Thanksgiving

My grandparents’ example has taught me how to live.

Gil LeBreton

To be safe, Frogs need to win by exclamation point

In my opinion TCU’s chances may come down to perception control.

Bud Kennedy

Southern Baptist leader’s message: Listen to fears in Ferguson

Countering law-and-order conservatives, the Rev. Russell Moore says race and equality should be a concern for all.

Jim Witt

Star-Telegram embarking on year-long project to find out what kind of coverage readers want

Our content strategy for the future is to measure reader behavior, make improvements, then measure again.

Bob Ray Sanders

The media deserve blame in Ferguson mayhem

Constant hype basically invited the violent protests.

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Today's Circulars

Home for the Holiday

Home for the Holiday

MedStar helps man have Thanksgiving with family.

Cowboys-Eagles on Thanksgiving

Cowboys-Eagles on Thanksgiving

The Cowboys hosted the Eagles at AT&T Stadium in a key NFC East matchup.

TCU Radford men 11.26.14

TCU Radford men 11.26.14

The Frogs win fifth straight 74-50.

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