Pelican Bay woman pleads guilty to killing husband, burying him in front yard 7:21 PM

Neola Louise Robinson

Taraant County Jail / Tarant County Jail

Shorty Robinson was missing for three years before a Texas Ranger was asked to reopen the cold case, leading to the finding of his body in front yard of the couple’s mobile home in Pelican Bay.

New study links water contamination in Parker County to gas drilling

Scientist hopes study leads to additional testing of water wells in Parker County.

Arlington woman’s execution set for Wednesday 5:45 PM

Appeals attorney says Lisa Ann Coleman’s sexual orientation and race influenced the decision by the Tarrant County district attorney’s office to pursue a capital murder case, which was based on kidnapping even though she lived with the dead child.

Accusations fly in the race for Texas governor 4:10 PM

Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis each claim their opponent is trying to draw attention away from improper political moves.

Lawyer seeks thousands of clients for case against Chesapeake

Fort Worth attorney Dan McDonald has held town-hall meetings, launched a website and assembled a legal team to build a massive case against Chesapeake Energy alleging underpayment of royalties.

RadioShack shares jump despite departure of CFO

The stock jumped 16 percent after an analyst suggested that may have an interest in participating in a bankruptcy restructuring of the Fort Worth-based electronics retailer.

Texas road debt: $23 billion 4:24 PM

Texas is overwhelmed with debt issued to build roads, but a constitutional amendment known as Proposition 1 would provide sorely needed relief, supporters said.

Mac Engel

Peterson overdid it, but he’s no child abuser

We shouldn’t judge those who use corporal punishment because in the end they are guessing, just like the rest of us.

Gil LeBreton

Who saw this Cowboys defense coming?

Defenders Wilcox, Melton helping shed unit’s reputation.

Randy Galloway

Without the who and the what, Ron Washington story is in limbo

The Rangers manager did the right thing in stepping down, but the wrong thing in not getting in front of the story.

Bud Kennedy

The Trinity: It’s our river, so love it — all of it

Bashing a photographer over her photos of Fort Worth and our river is like griping about a mirror.

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Today's Circulars

Titans Cowboys 9.14.14

Titans Cowboys 9.14.14

DeMarco Murray has big game in Cowboys win.

Texas UCLA 9.13.14

Texas UCLA 9.13.14

The Longhorns fall late 20-17.

Mexican Independence Parade

Mexican Independence Parade

Annual parade to celebrate Mexican independence in downtown Fort Worth.

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