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Taco’s Monday: Disgruntled Charlton takes to Twitter and fans react harshly

Taco Charlton took to Twitter on Monday to voice his displeasure with being inactive for the first two weeks of the Dallas Cowboys season.

He posted a response to Cowboys’ vice president Stephen Jones explaining that Charlton hasn’t seen the field because of his inability to play both inside and outside on the defensive line.

Whether Jones is telling the whole truth (probably not) is beside the point. The fact remains that Charlton, a 2017 first-round pick, hasn’t been good enough to earn a spot on the gameday roster and that’s a problem for the Cowboys and Charlton.

Twitter responded, of course, mostly negatively to Charlton posting “Free me” before deleting it and then claiming in a follow-up post that he didn’t want to “have to go through social media to get what I want so I can play football.”

The Cowboys (2-0) host the Miami Dolphins (0-2) at noon Sunday.

Most fans on Twitter, which, let’s be honest, skews negative with things such as this, took the opportunity to take shots at Charlton for what many perceive as a lack of commitment and drive by Charlton. Of course, the Cowboys have never claimed that publicly. But no words ever spoke louder than actions, and Charlton not being activated for the first two games after what most considered a good preseason, screams that the Cowboys’ coaching staff has lost faith in him.

So have many fans.

Many fans reminded Charlton that he’s no Antonio Brown, who used social media to engineer a move from Oakland to New England. With what Brown has been dealing with in the past few days, Charlton would probably whole-heartily agree.

There are, of course, plenty of pro Taco fans out there. Most of them wished him well if he’s traded and declared that he’ll eventually live up to his talent coming out of Michigan. That’s talent, remember, that Cowboys saw to take him in the first round.

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