Route to bankruptcy

Events outside American Airlines' control ultimately pushed the Fort Worth-based carrier into bankruptcy, but it was decisions by company executives that paved the way by leaving American outmaneuvered, analysts and experts say. Here are three turning points on the way to the Nov. 29 filing.

Market forces: Higher labor costs, a global economic slowdown, high fuel prices and a credit downgrade were factors in the board's decision to declare bankruptcy.

Executive pay/morale: "Pull Together -- Win Together" dissolved amid millions in stock bonuses that destroyed good will between executives and rank-and-file employees.

Strategic decisions: American delayed upgrading to a newer, more efficient fleet, and declined to pursue a merger, even as other airlines did.

American must pay benefits of union-represented retirees, judge says

Transportation unions

Ron Jenkins / Star-Telegram

American Airlines wanted to make all retirees pay the full premiums for their health and life insurance benefits. The bankruptcy judge says the carrier may do that only for non-union workers.

American Eagle is now known as Envoy Air

The regional carrier needed a new name as parent American Airlines Group began contracting with other carriers to handle regional flights.

American Airlines to take $60 million hit from winter storms

The Fort Worth-based carrier said it canceled 34,000 flights in the first three months of the year.

American makes changes to its frequent flier program

The changes will affect the 110 million members of the American Airlines and US Airways loyalty programs.

Dutch arrest girl whose tweet threatened American Airlines

Police in the Netherlands have arrested a 14-year-old girl on suspicion of threatening American Airlines in a tweet.

AMR shares pay off for investors despite bankruptcy

Holding onto shares of AMR Corp. is paying off handsomely for investors.

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