Route to bankruptcy

Events outside American Airlines' control ultimately pushed the Fort Worth-based carrier into bankruptcy, but it was decisions by company executives that paved the way by leaving American outmaneuvered, analysts and experts say. Here are three turning points on the way to the Nov. 29 filing.

Market forces: Higher labor costs, a global economic slowdown, high fuel prices and a credit downgrade were factors in the board's decision to declare bankruptcy.

Executive pay/morale: "Pull Together -- Win Together" dissolved amid millions in stock bonuses that destroyed good will between executives and rank-and-file employees.

Strategic decisions: American delayed upgrading to a newer, more efficient fleet, and declined to pursue a merger, even as other airlines did.

American Airlines’ profits break record

American at DFW 7

Max Faulkner / Star-Telegram archives

Restructured airline says it will pay its first stock dividend in 34 years and boost pension contributions to employees.

Mechanics, ground workers from US Airways approve new contract with American

The contract with the International Association of Machinists includes raises and furlough protection for about 11,000 workers.

American expected to lead the pack in profitable airline industry

Crowded planes are filling the bank accounts of U.S. airlines, even those less than a year out of bankruptcy.

American stock moves up as it says profit margin is improving

The Fort Worth-based carrier said passenger traffic increased by 1 percent in June and its projected second-quarter margin will exceed previous forecast.

American breaks ground on new operations center

The two-story, 149,000-square-foot building, being built near the carrier’s flight academy, will house 1,400 employees, including 600 from a US Airways facility near Pittsburgh.

Kangaroos, lobster, priceless artifacts join passengers aboard American aircraft

From Asian electronics to salmon from Chile, American Airlines is moving more cargo through Dallas/Fort Worth Airport as it emerges as an international hub.

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