Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo, Gene Steratore don’t like penalty that wiped out Cowboys’ touchdown

A Dallas Cowboys’ touchdown early in the third quarter Sunday was called back on a controversial penalty.

The Cowboys had to settle for the field goal and trail the New York Jets 21-9 at MetLife Stadium.

Receiver Cedrick Wilson was called for pass interference as Witten crossed behind him towards the end zone before receiving the pass. But replays showed that Wilson was engaged by the Jets’ defender.

CBS analyst Tony Romo voiced displeasure with the call almost immediately after viewing a replay.

“To me, if the guy guarding you touches you first before you even remotely pick the other guy it’s hard to say that’s pass interference,” Romo said.

CBS NFL rules analyst Gene Steratore agreed with Romo.

“It’s a judgment call,” he said. “I don’t know that you can call offensive pass interference when a defender engages him and kind of keeps him there just for that second and that frees Jason Witten up for the pass.”

The Jets led the Cowboys 21-9 after three quarters.

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