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Terrell Owens criticizes Jerry Jones’ anthem stance, talks Dez Bryant drama in interview

A fired up Terrell Owens before the start of the Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys game, Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008.
A fired up Terrell Owens before the start of the Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys game, Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008. STAR-TELEGRAM/BEN NOEY JR.

Terrell Owens has once again provided his input on the current drama surrounding the Dallas Cowboys.

Last Friday, Dez Bryant criticized Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones (as well as linebacker Sean Lee and center Travis Frederick) for comments Jones made during a SiriusXM NFL Radio. Lee, Frederick and Jones have since addressed Bryant’s tweets in one fashion or another.

At the start of training camp last week, owner Jerry Jones said that he expects the players on his team to stand for the national anthem or face being cut.

A number of players have accepted that edict. And up to this point, no player has spoken out against it.

However, after a mandate from the NFL league office, Jones said on Sunday that he would no longer discuss the national anthem protests by players across the league.

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins responded to Jones’ initial anthem approach by calling him a ‘bully’

On Sunday, Owens went on Fox Sports Radio’s ‘The Odd Couple with Rob Parker and Chris Broussard’ and discussed those topics.

On the Dez Bryant drama:

“Everybody’s going to say all the great things when you’re there just to save face. Then as soon as leave, you’re no longer a part of it. Then people want to chime in and they want to give their two cents and give their commentary about an individual. For me, that’s a coward.

“I mean you think about it, these are guys he played with, he shared the locker room with, I’m sure he probably had the utmost respect for and then obviously you have guys coming out saying negative things about him. Again, that’s not a good sign of number one, friendship, sportsmanship or relationship that you felt like you had established in that locker room.

“I wish Dez nothing but the best. I feel like he can get out there and play. I think understanding what he has gone through I guess from an injury standpoint the last two or three years. That has plagued him, that has hindered his ability to play like he wanted to. Then on the other side of that too, I understand the lack of the coaching staff putting him into positions to be the productive receiver that he can be.

“I was in a situation where, again, I tried to be a team leader understanding things that had happened prior to getting to Dallas. I’m not putting a lot of things in the media, I tried to go to the coaches one-on-one or go to the owner to express certain things of how we need to get better as a team and those things got leaked. Again, I turned around and I became the scapegoat and everybody talked bad about me.

“I feel the frustration on guys like Kevin Durant or Dez Bryant when they hear all these things from friends and teammates and then they want to clap back. They have a right to.”

On if Jerry Jones is a bully for his national anthem stance:

“Absolutely. I think the players really need to kind of have respect for themselves. Where’s our freedom of speech? Where do we have those liberties that give us that individuality and the right to stand up for what we believe in? That is being a bully. You’re basically stripping someone of their rights to do what they want to in a peaceful protest or however they want to do it.

“Again, it’s one of those things that everybody has to be in unison. I think if the players get together with the common goal and for the right reasons to make a stand, then they can create some leverage. But to say and put guys in a situation where they have to do something, that’s not right. That’s totally wrong.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

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