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Dak Prescott reacts to big win over Eagles: ‘We doubled down on who we are’

Dak Prescott threw for 239 and a touchdown on 21 of 27 passing in the Dallas Cowboys’ 37-10 win over the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night.

Prescott also rushed for 30 yards and a touchdown.

He discussed the offense, Tavon Austin, Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott and ignoring outside noise during is post-game press conference at AT&T Stadium.

Dak Prescott on beating the Eagles:

“It feels great. That was a great team win, the best complimentary offense we’ve played all year long. Offense, defense making plays, getting us on the plus side of the field and being able to capitalize on them. Being able to do that early, score touchdowns early is something we’ve been trying to get to all year long. We were able to do that tonight.”

Dak Prescott on his feeling during the week:

“100% [had a good feeling]. No doubt in my mind about how we were going to come out and perform tonight. But it was about how we came out and prepared all week long—the mindset, the mentality, the approach, the way everyone came to work. We didn’t panic. We didn’t say that everything hit the fan and we needed to start over. We doubled down on who we are and just got better. We were able to take what we practiced and bring it to the game.”

Dak Prescott on what the team needs to do to be more consistent:

“Were going to handle success the right way so that we don’t have to get to these points where our backs are against the wall and we’re 3-3, have to go on some losing streak before we have a performance like this. That’s what this week was about. We’ll continue to grow from it during the bye week and moved forward here in two weeks when we play our next game.”

Dak Prescott on the pregame energy:

“It was no different than the energy that I felt all week long. It’s kind of that ‘backs against the wall’ mentality. You don’t necessarily want to be in that position. But I’ve told you all year long and will continue to say that we have the right men in that locker room that when we’re in this position. Guys that double down on themselves, believe in the man next to them and go out there and just perform like they need to perform when they’re called on. So, we’re going to grow from it, figure out how to do that when we win a couple of games in a row, as we’re about to go do. And when success hits, we’re going to handle that the right way and not put ourselves in adverse situations.”

Dak Prescott on whether Cowboys’ pregame ritual changed:

“No, I wouldn’t say so.”

Dak Prescot on Tavon Austin’s touchdown:

“It was a great design by the coaches. I know they like to rock and roll their safeties and we sent Tavon right there in the backfield. They brought the blitz off the edge and I was able just to quick, pull, pitch it. Tavon had him out flanked, made the guy miss and went and got a touchdown. It was a great way to start the game.”

Dak Prescott on Cowboys dictating the game when they have a big lead:

“We’re dictating everything at that point. When we have the offensive line and the run game that we do that allows us to get to that and get to all of our different plays that we want to in the run game, that opens up everything from there. It’s all about starting fast. That’s been our struggle all year long. We were able to do it tonight and come up with a performance like this. Credit to the defense getting us those short fields. Like I said, it was great complimentary football, the best we’ve played all year.”

Dak Prescott on Amari Cooper’s performance:

“That guy shows up each and every week when he’s healthy and makes plays. It’s nothing short of what he does at practice. He prepares the right way. I talk about how he’s always watching film, studying DBs. When we’re in the huddle, he’s talking about how he’s going to run this route to m make sure the guy that’s clearing out the guy in front of him does that. He communicates that. He’s just a very intelligent and smart player. When it come to Sundays, he puts all of his study out there and executes and makes great play after play.”

Dak Prescott on the 4th and 1 near midfield in the second quarter:

“Definitely. I love that play call and we executed it the right way. It was a great call.”

Dak Prescott on whether the play call was more aggressive because of the early lead:

“We have a coach that is aggressive. We have a coach that’s aggressive and believes in our offense and believes in the guys that he has. We were in the situation last weekend and he did the same thing. So, it’s just who we are. We’re a team that believes in themselves. We have the players that can go make those plays and we have an immense amount of confidence in that. So, whether we’re up or down, that’s who we are in those situations.”

Dak Prescott on coach Jason Garrett’s trust in the players:

“It’s trust in the players. It’s something that he always says but he has trust and belief in the guys to execute the [aggressive] play calls. He has so much trust in the offense and so much trust in the team. You have just as much trust in the defense in that situation because if you don’t get it, you know they’re going to make the plays to get the ball back to you. So, he trusts his players and it says a lot as a player and it means a lot as a player.”

Dak Prescott on his touchdown run that broke Roger Staubach’s franchise rushing TD record:

“It was a similar play to the fourth down right there. I got out of the pocket after faking the run. Zeke did a great job of stretching [Eagles’] Malcolm Jenkins there and I saw a lane and just tucked the ball and went for it. I was able to get in the end zone. Records are all cool. To have a record is an honor, especially in this franchise with the great amount of success that the quarterbacks ahead of me have had. So obviously I’m thankful for that. But there’s a lot more to be down. I’m not going to sit here and hang my hat on that.”

Dak Prescott on his interaction with Malcolm Jenkins:

“Malcolm is somebody I know. It was just a little friendly interaction. He got a little handsy and I told him he did and we’re okay, we’re good.”

Dak Prescott on why the offense was so productive in capitalizing on turnovers:

“We have to go turn these into points. The defense was playing their butt off, making turnovers and giving us a chance on short fields. Then it was our time to compliment them and tell them thank you by putting six points on the board. Being able to do that is just great complimentary football from this team. It’s the way we executed and the way we approached the week. It’s no surprise tonight from the people in the locker room.”

Dak Prescott on Ezekiel Elliott’s performance:

“We got that lead that started with the offensive line, how physical and dominant they were. They made sure their presence was felt all night long. Then Zeke came in and did exactly what he does. He was aggressive, came down hill and made those guys in the secondary feel him. When it comes to fourth quarter, I don’t think they wanted to tackle him. We had a great complementary back, obviously, in TP [Tony Pollard] and what he does. Some of those runs he had, his run early – I don’t know if I was more excited about any part of the game as I was on that play. So, it starts with that offensive line. It’s a great group and mean those guys get to go be the backs that they are.”

Dak Prescott on ignoring the opinions of anyone outside of the locker room:

“The only people that matter are the people in that locker room. We are the ones that can do the job, we’re the ones that can get it done. We are the ones that can fix the problem. No one’s opinions can help us or hurt us anymore. So, it’s about that. It’s about knowing that and controlling what you can control and as I’ll continue to say, we have the right men in the locker room that think that way, that carry themselves that way. We’ll never let the outside come within our locker room and that’s why this team is special.”

Dak Prescott on the quarterback sneak:

“That was great. I was just moving my legs and they weren’t stopping. Next thing you know I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I can score.’ I, unfortunately, got tripped up a little bit, but when a QB sneak goes for eight yards, it’s great. It’s a credit to the offensive line moving those guys. As I said, my head’s down and I’m moving my legs and I almost popped.”

Dak Prescott on his late interception:

“That was a heat check [laughs]. I was a little greedy there. Rich told me about it. I tried to put it over that guy. I saw that guy go back and tried to make the throw, put it in the back of the end zone. It was a great play by him. I don’t want to take anything away from him. But I just got greedy – heat check or whatever you want to call it. That situation, I just need to continue to go through my progression and get it to one of those tight ends.”

Dak Prescott on if he worries about getting hit:

“I really don’t. I take care of my body and I train for that reason. So, when it’s time for the game, I just go out there and be the competitor that I am – don’t worry about those things. I can’t think about that.”

Dak Prescott on Brett Maher’s 64-yard field goal:

“It’s impressive, definitely impressive. The guy has a leg on him and that was probably the second most excited I was tonight. When he did that, I ran out there like it was a game winning field goal. But, just credit to him and credit to that field goal team. That’s impressive. I hope he continues to do that.”

Dak Prescott on the execution of that drive:

“It started with the defense – like I said, it’s complimentary football – with the little time on the clock to stop them and get us that ball back. For us to hit on a couple of plays, Whit made some great plays. I think they all went to him on that drive, being able to get the yards, get out of bounds to put Brett in that situation and he delivered.”

Dak Prescott on whether momentum carries from game to game:

“Momentum is definitely real in a game but throughout the season, I think it depends on the men you have. It depends on the character you have and the way you approach things. As I said, you have to handle success the right way for momentum to work with you. So, we’re definitely going to figure that out and make sure we continue to use the momentum from this game and grow with it and take the next step.”

Dak Prescott on what the team proved to themselves with this win:

“That’s what tonight was about, really. It was not about proving anything to the outside world but proving to ourselves, proving to the man next to us that, ‘Hey, you can count on me. You have a brother in me, you have somebody you can depend on through success and adversity. I will be here.’ I’m so proud of this team for doing exactly that. I think that’s what we’ve proven. That we have a lot of guys in our locker room that can lock arms with and be able to handle anything that comes our way. As I always say, I’m proud to be the quarterback of this team.”

Dak Prescott on whether this is the offense the team wanted to be at the beginning of the season:

”Of course. We have a lot of weapons on this offense and we can get them involved in different ways. That’s the performance that you get. We’ll get better from this one. It was a lot of great stuff on tape but there’s still a lot of things that we can get better from. We’ll do exactly that.”

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