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What Jerry Jones said after Cowboys dominating win over Eagles

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones reacted to Sunday night’s 37-10 win over the Philadelphia Eagles with measured relief.

Here are his post-game comments to the media.

Jerry Jones’ thoughts on the game:

“Well, I think it’s one game, and we sure needed to get out here as a team and as an organization. We need to basically demonstrate to our fans, to ourselves, and to everybody that we’re capable of playing a team like the Eagles. We have a lot of respect for their personnel, we have a lot of respect for their quarterback, so we knew we were glad to get this one at home rather than play up there in Philadelphia. This is not only a feel-good win, but it’s one where we can move forward positively. I saw a lot of energy. I saw high-level energy from everyone involved in the game. I think that when you have adversity or setbacks the way we did against the Jets last week, that’s how you want to see a team respond.”

Jerry Jones thoughts on negative comments after three consecutive losses:

“I want our fans to always be looking at things and talking about things that we can do better. All of this stuff counts, everything counts, and I mean that. How we are as a team, how an individual player, how our coaching staff, from my perspective, I don’t like it when it’s negative. I want it to be positive. That kicks in at some point in the season, and that little butt-kicking that we got last week from everybody including ourselves probably had a lot to do with inspiring a better performance tonight.”

Jerry Jones on Doug Peterson’s comments:

“Well, he’s a good coach, a Super Bowl coach. I really did see his comments on ESPN as it turns out, but I really think he was talking generically as a coach about what they need to have a good week of practice and get a win. I think anytime anybody says you can’t do it, there’s a human element that usually means you are going to show it. So, in that respect, I think that might have had that impact. If that helped them out, then so be it.”

Jerry Jones on 3-0 record in the NFC East:

“We get in if we win the division, but the division as we all know is your win-loss record. And so, you certainly do two things when you get a win against your division opponent, so this was a very important night for us, and I think this is rock building for us.”

Jerry Jones on the Cowboys’ running game:

“Well a lot works when Zeke [Elliott] can physically run the ball. I thought Zeke just appeared to be at an extra strength and extra physical tonight. A lot of it has to do with the blocking and the line, and we did a good job with that. But there’s no doubt that’s what we’d like to be, and that is using that line and using Zeke.”

Jerry Jones on Jason Garrett:

“The head coach, right there beside him, the offensive coordinator, the play caller, they’re all going to get a lot of shots from time to time because we all know it doesn’t always go right. But I’ve seen [Garrett] and I’ve seen him handle it. But I have not seen a concern and I haven’t seen key players have an issue with the coach. I haven’t seen that with Garrett.”

Jerry Jones on trades as the deadline approaches:

“I think probably not. Knowing that this time last year in the vicinity we had some idea that we might be talking about getting Amari [Cooper]. Based on what we have a sense of this year, I don’t see the likelihood that we would do something like that.”

Jerry Jones on the Eagles:

“I respect the Philadelphia team, and its personnel, and its coaching, and its pedigree. This is a confidence builder for me and for our team.”

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