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Jerry Jones points to turnovers in Packers’ loss: ‘This is certainly not good enough’

Jerry Jones didn’t attempt to spin the Dallas Cowboys’ disappointing 34-24 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

The Cowboys (3-2) have now lost two in a row after starting 3-0.

“This is certainly not good enough, last weekend or this weekend,” Jones said.

He wasn’t making excuses during his post-game media scrum, but he gave his reasons for the loss, including the Cowboys’ turnovers and failure to slow down the Packers’ run game.

Here’s a partial transcript of his Jones’ post-game comments provided by the Cowboys’ transcription service:

On second straight loss: “Well, I think it’s the NFL and you know that they pay their guys too, so you know you’re going to be up against a handful of well-coached teams and talented teams. You can’t turn that ball over and give them the ball. I don’t care how much skill you’ve got or how much spirit you’ve got, you can’t do those things and win football games.”

On the game:

“Well again, the story of the game was the turnovers, giving [Aaron Jones] the ball, and our inability to stop the run. We think we have answers for that, we certainly didn’t have them early on tonight. We made three good stops at the end of that fourth quarter, so that was encouraging. But in general, Green Bay played well enough, and they didn’t make the mistakes that we made. They played well enough to win that game by probably the point spread that they did. I don’t think they were 31-3 better than us, but tonight they were better than us and I accept that.”

On last two games:

“I think it tells you right where you are. You do well against teams that are getting it together and we’ve played two that have it together better and are 4-1 teams. But the point is that what you see is what you get here. We’ve got some work to do to get where we want to go this year. The good thing about this thing is: there are 16 games right now. There’s 16 games and we’re just through a little over a quarter of them and we can get it together and get better. We’re going to have to get better to get a chance to be where we’d dream to be, and I think expect to be. I think we’ve got a team that can get better and that’s the key, but this is certainly not good enough, last weekend or this weekend.”

On biggest concern:

“I think that it’s probably our inability to protect the ball. You cannot win if you are one of these teams that for whatever reason turn that ball over. We have a quarterback that is renowned for his ability to protect the ball, so that ongoing concern is not a challenge that I’m worried about. We’ll be able to protect the ball, I feel confident of that. It was also a little surprising to not be able to stop the run better than we did tonight. But let’s also give our concern for how we were trying to defend Rogers, that helped them getting that running game going. He’s a tough guy to compete against out here on defense.”

On Dak Prescott’s performance:

“On our last possession when we missed that field goal, when he made that run for the side line and got that first down, that’s my man. That’s the competitor in him and he was trying to do everything, of course everyone’s out there trying, but he was doing the right thing when he did that. You’d have to kill him to get the competitor out of him, because he saw an opportunity to win the ball game. His competitiveness overrides many of the things and the other thing is I see a lot of other quarterbacks doing the same things turn the ball over, and like I mentioned earlier, one of the staples of Dak Prescott is protect the ball.”

On defense:

“I want to give Green Bay more credit for being able to execute the run. Again, we know firsthand when you have to defend a quarterback like Rogers, you have to contain him, and you’ve also got to defend him. We let him out of containment quite a bit, and you saw what it did to us. When you’re doing all that it opens some lanes up and they have good backs, so they got it going.”

On Ezekiel Elliott’s impact:

“I had hoped he would be and planned on him being a bigger factor. When the thing got so lopsided early there’s no question that it took us out of some of our game plan. And that’s a good way to mitigate Elliott, to get up 31-3.”

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