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Michael Irvin’s surprising reaction to Cole Beasley’s latest shots at Dallas Cowboys

No one is more loyal to the Dallas Cowboys than Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin. He wears his Cowboys’ pride on his sleeve.

But Irvin, who is the Cowboys’ second all-time leading receiver after playing from 1988 to 1999, holds nothing against Cole Beasley, who signed with the Buffalo Bills in March after seven seasons with Dallas. Beasley was quoted earlier this week saying football is purer with the Bills. Beasley said the Cowboys are too much of a “show.”

“He’s right. There is a show here. That’s just what is,” said Irvin, who attended the Cowboys’ minicamp practice at The Star on Wednesday. “Football in Buffalo is football for Buffalo. Football for the Dallas Cowboys is football for the world. He’s right in that sense.”

Irvin said he likes the fight “Cole has in him.”

“Obviously, if he’s still talking about it, it still hurts him that he’s not here,” Irvin said with genuine empathy, not sarcasm.

Should Cowboy fans be ticked off at Beasley?

“Not at all,” Irvin said. “It’s a show [in Dallas] only because so many people are watching. It’s purer in Buffalo because they’re out there with their damn selves.”

Irvin was being funny there, too, but also speaking the truth.

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