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Is Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott feeling pressure to show he’s worth $30 million annually?

For the record, no deal between the Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott on a contract extension is imminent.

But talks are admittedly progressing.

The Cowboys have made an offer and Prescott acknowledged that his agent, Todd France of CAA, has made a counteroffer.

Prescott said he couldn’t say if the two sides were close and wouldn’t reveal what the offers were.

“It’s one from each side,” Prescott said after OTA practices Wednesday. “This is my first time doing this. Ask me in a few years and I’ll be able to tell you, ‘OK, we’ve sent this one and they’ve sent this one. We’re about to get it done.’ But as of right now, I’m learning the process too, and just letting my team handle their business.”

What is known is that the team wants to get it done before the start of the season and Prescott wants to be with the Cowboys forever.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones echoed Prescott about the progress of the talks at the NFL league meetings in Key Biscayne, Fla.

“I’d generally say [the negotiations are] going well,” Jones told the NFL Network Wednesday. “These things never have a definitive answer. Because you never know if you’ve done it until you’ve done it.”

What’s also clear is that the former 2016 fourth-round pick is on the brink of gaining generational wealth with a prospective deal worth at least $30 million annually.

The number has been the source of much debate among fans and pundits alike. While Prescott has proven to be a great leader over the past three years with 32 wins and two division titles as Cowboys quarterback, his stats don’t necessarily stack up with the game’s best passers.

But Prescott doesn’t feel a need to prove to anyone outside of the Cowboys family that he is worth the money.

“I think when you look at numbers, I think a lot of it’s about the market,” Prescott said. “I don’t really pay attention to any of that. I come in and prove myself each and every day to these other guys in this locker room. That’s the only thing that I have to worry about.

“I know if I’m doing that and getting better, good things happen. That’s out of my focus. As I’ve said before, I’ve got a great team in place to handle that and it will get done eventually.”

Prescott spoke with the confidence and conviction of someone who not only knows his worth but his place with the Cowboys.

He acknowledged he is more comfortable and confident than ever as the light started coming on for him during their run to the postseason in 2018 when the Cowboys rebounded from a 3-5 start to win seven of their last eight games.

“Somewhere during that streak last year, I was seeing it and knowing. Not seeing it and thinking, seeing it and knowing,” Prescott said. “As things started to click, it makes things so much easier. It allows you to play faster. That’s the name of the game. That is what everybody wants to do in this game, play faster.”

He said the light has not dimmed as he is processing things faster, getting through reads faster and getting the ball out quicker and more decisively, which all should make him an even better player and the Cowboys a better team.

And that’s before you add in the changes on offense highlighted by the addition of a new, more imaginative coordinator in Kellen Moore, a technician at quarterback coach in Jon Kitna, a full off-season with receiver Amari Cooper and more explosive players with free-agent receiver Randall Cobb and rookie fourth-round running back Tony Pollard.

Speaking of light, Prescott’s off-season has included the continued glow from his name being mentioned in local rap superstar Post Malone’s hit song “Wow.”

Malone grew up in Grapevine as Austin Post and is the son of Rich Post, who used to work for the Cowboys before leaving to join his son’s management team.

The song is currently ranked on Billboard’s Top 100 song and includes this bar at the end of the second verse: “Always goin’ for it, never punt fourth down. Last call, Hail Mary, Prescott touchdown.”

An excited Prescott said he plans to talk to Malone about writing more songs about the Cowboys, possibly Super Bowl songs.

Prescott said it’s pretty cool to join the list of superstar athletes like Lebron James, Steph Curry and Michael Jordan to have their names mentioned in a hit song. Malone has previously mentioned former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Does this mean Prescott has arrived?

“I’ve never arrived, but that’s something big though,” he said.

Not as big as the coming money, but he doesn’t feel pressure to prove himself there either as the light has come on and is shining bright.

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