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Anonymous football recruit survey: ‘A coach sent me a video of him talking to a horse.’

Football recruits experience all sorts of oddities during their time on various campuses across the country. 

They see the best that each school has to offer and sometimes the worst. 

The Star-Telegram reached out to numerous high school football recruits for an anonymous survey on some of their experiences on the recruiting trail and how they believe some in-state programs stack up to others, amongst other questions. 

1. What’s the craziest thing you saw during your recruitment?

“Players getting completely cut off by coaches and offers being taken away in a heartbeat.”

“A coach sent me a video of him talking to a horse.”

“Seeing how fake the coaches act. They rarely give a truthful answer.”

“Smoking and drinking.”

“I play WR and was recruited to play tight end/defensive end at Penn State, TCU, LSU, Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma State.”

“Coaches promising things like money or playing time.”

“Seeing fake talent getting put on a higher platform because of their name, school or parents when you have others that can’t afford all the training and other things.”

“How fast the coaches will pull your offer, or replace you if you don’t commit as soon as you’re offered.”

2. Were you offered any cash or gifts?

No (8)

Yes (0)

Others: Just football gear

3. What’s the biggest factor in choosing your school and why?

“If the university was going to get me on the right track of having a career outside of football.”

“Good education and coaching staff.”

“The relationship I have with the coaches is great. It felt right walking on campus.”

“Felt like family and coaches are genuine.”

“Coaching; are they in it for the players or in for it for themselves.”

“School has to feel like home, and good education and coaching staff.”

“Can I get good education and play good football.”

“Great relationship with the coach.”

“Opportunity to play as a true freshman.”

4. Most overrated program in the state?

SMU (1)

A&M (1)

TCU (1)

Texas (1)

5. Most overrated in the country?

Notre Dame (2)

USC (1)

Ohio State (1)

Penn State (1)

Alabama (1)

6. Most underrated in the state?

Houston (2)

North Texas (1)

TCU (1)

Texas (1)

Baylor (1)

7. Most underrated in the country?

Washington (1)

Clemson (1)

Florida (1)

Central Florida (1)

Kansas (1)

Cincinnati (1)

8. Best program in the state?

Texas (2)

A&M (1)

TCU (1)

9. Best in the country?

Alabama (3)

Clemson (2)

Oklahoma (1)

10. Best coach when it comes to recruiting?

Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma (1)

Mike Elston, Notre Dame (1)

Garrett Tujague, Virginia (1)

PJ Fleck, Minnesota (1)

Nicholas Edwards, Cal (1)

Nick Saban, Alabama (1)

Rich Renner, Midwestern State (1)

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