After fatal Fort Worth shooting, gunman ordered clerk to erase recording, warrant says

A shirtless gunman bolted out of a convenience store last month, opened fire at a vehicle parked nearby and fatally shot a woman caught in the middle, according to a warrant.

After the Aug. 16 shooting, Cardae Arthur Davis ran back into the Eastwood Food Mart on Wilbarger Street and told the clerk to erase the store surveillance video that captured the shooting, the warrant says.

There was no evidence to support that the shooting victim, Sheri Hill, knew any of the shooters involved, according to the arrest warrant obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Davis, 24, was arrested a few days after the shooting, and he was charged with murder last month in the shooting death of Hill.

The warrant, which was released late Friday, gave this brief account of the shooting:

Patrol officers responded to a shooting call shortly before 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 16.

Witnesses described a shooting targeting a group of people in a car parked on a street near the store and a gunman who ran out of the store. Hill was standing near the store between the car and the suspect.

A clerk told police a man wearing no shirt walked into his business, bought some cigarettes, pulled out a handgun, ran out of the store and began shooting.

sheri hill2.jpg
Sheri Hill of Fort Worth Courtesy: Facebook

A store surveillance video shows Hill fall to the ground when the gunman and another man near him opened fire at the car.

There was no evidence to indicate that the people in the car fired at the store or the gunman.

A witness identified the gunman as Cardae Davis, according to the warrant.

Davis went back into the store, made his demand to the clerk and then fled the scene.

Witnesses later picked Davis out of photo lineup as the shooter in the video.

Hill, 55, was pronounced dead at a hospital.

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