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He’s accused of offering $30K to have wife killed. Now she wants more contact with him

A Tarrant County woman whose husband is charged with offering a friend $30,000 to lace some cocaine he could use to kill her has repeatedly asked for changes on her husband’s bond conditions — one of them being that he have contact with her.

And Monica Salinas also has asked a judge to change other bond conditions for Thomas Dimas Salinas Jr. of Fort Worth.

No modifications have been made, according to Tarrant County criminal court records.

Monica Salinas did not return telephone calls on Friday.

Thomas Salinas Jr. has been free on $100,000 bail.

The husband was charged in February with solicitation of capital murder in a case Bedford police began investigating in October 2018. The couple lived in Bedford at that time.

His trial is pending.

As recently as last month, Monica Salinas filed paperwork in the Criminal District Court No. 2 asking for changes.

In the letter, she noted that the couple no longer lived in their Bedford home, but she asked that her husband not be excluded from that residence.

Monica Salinas said she was living with her grandmother in Fort Worth, and her husband needed access to their Bedford home so he could rent it out and use the income for “our mutual benefit.”

She also asked his bond condition of no contact with her be removed.

“Thomas has never engaged in harmful or injurious contact around me ever,” Monica Salinas wrote.

The Tarrant County woman also asked the the GPS leg monitor, which he has had since January, be taken off her husband because the monitor was a “drain on our finances.”

“The existence of the conditions impose a hardship of me and our family,” Monica Salinas said in the paperwork.

She noted she was satisfied with the efforts of Bedford police and the Tarrant County criminal district attorney’s office.

Her sister, 35-year-old Angela Alviar, also submitted an affidavit last month asking that Thomas Salinas Jr. should not be excluded from the couple’s Bedford home.

Monica Salinas had filed a similar affidavit in February, asking for the same changes.

“If Thomas is not able to help me I will have to move to homeless shelter,” she wrote in February.

Before Thomas Salinas Jr. was arrested in October 2018, Monica Salinas had filed for divorce in August 2018, according to Tarrant County court records. The divorce case was later dismissed in February.

Thomas Salinas told a friend in October 2018 that his wife had been drinking heavily and using cocaine, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in October 2018.

He stated she “would get a lot in the divorce.”

Thomas Salinas asked a friend if he could get him some laced cocaine and GHB, a date-rape drug, so he could give it to his wife to overdose, the warrant states.

Thomas Salinas told the friend, “I’ll pay you $30,000 as soon as ___ is done,” according to the warrant. The statement “___ is done” meant when she is dead, police said in the warrant.

The friend provided Salinas with cocaine, but not enough to cause Salinas’ wife to overdose, according to the warrant.

The friend told Bedford police he never intended to provide Thomas Salinas with a laced drug and hoped Salinas was not serious.

He contacted police later when he realized Salinas wanted to go through with the plan, the warrant states.

The friend told Bedford police, “My friend Thomas wants me to help get rid of his wife,” according to the warrant.

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