‘Lost Boy’ hopes to reunite with mom after 30 years

Lost Boy Thiep Angui 02

David Kent / Star-Telegram

James Thiep Angui survived a civil war in Sudan, eventually making his way to Texas. He hopes to return home — for a visit to see his mother and family — next year.

Should Texas stop observing daylight-saving time?

Two state lawmakers have filed measures to address daylight-saving time.

EPA proposes lowering ozone standard

Over the objections of Texas officials, the Obama administration proposed a long-delayed rule Wednesday to reduce ozone, a smog-forming pollutant known to worsen asthma, lung disease and heart conditions.

US tightens smog limits in bid to protect health

In a fresh confrontation with Republicans, the Obama administration on Wednesday proposed stricter emissions limits on smog-forming pollution linked to asthma and respiratory illness. The move fulfilled a long-delayed campaign promise by President Barack Obama but left environmental and public health groups wanting more.

Fund established for malnourished Great Dane found in Parker County

Authorities investigate what happened to a Great Dane found severely malnourished in Millsap.

Congress nears deal to avoid tax increases, Obama vows veto

Deductibility of sales taxes in Taxes is part of a congressional proposal involving $450 billion in tax deductions in Washington. The White House is calling it a bad deal and is threatening a veto.

Fourth earthquake since Saturday rocks Irving area

A 2.7-magnitude quake was reported northeast of Irving Tuesday afternoon, the fourth since Saturday.