Fort Worth meeting Thursday to focus on state water projects


Paul Moseley / Star-Telegram

Water conservation and reuse will be key factors in the proposed Texas Water Development Board rules.

Honduran foreign minister visits US-Mexico border

The foreign minister of Honduras said Tuesday on a visit to the Texas-Mexico border that she was pleased to see the flow of unaccompanied child immigrants has slowed after efforts in her country to dissuade citizens from embarking on the dangerous journey to the United States.

East Texas county judge gives self $24K pay cut

An East Texas county judge has given himself a $24,000 annual pay cut as residents face possible higher property taxes.

Defiant Gov. Perry booked on 2 charges

“I’m going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being. And we will prevail,” a defiant Rick Perry declared at the Travis County Courthouse. The governor then went to get ice cream.

Perry prosecution headed by a formidable lawyer

McCrum is not motivated by partisan political motives, his friends insist.

Militias complicate situation on Texas border

On a recent moonlit night, Border Patrol agents began rounding up eight immigrants hiding in and around a canal near the Rio Grande. A state trooper soon arrived to help. Then out of the darkness emerged seven more armed men in fatigues.

Perry avoids arrest but still faces booking

A Texas judge opted Monday not to issue an arrest warrant against Gov. Rick Perry, but the Republican still faces the unflattering prospect of being booked, fingerprinted and having his mug shot taken — and has assembled a team of high-powered attorneys to fight the two felony counts of abuse of power against him.