Mac Engel

Big Mac Chat with the man who built UFC, Royce Gracie

In that moment, my life was in Royce Gracie’s hands, literally, and he could have easily killed me.

Before that moment, when I asked Gracie to put me in a headlock, you know that one of the men who made MMA and UFC possible is strong. He made beating people up and forcing strong people to submit his life’s work, and he is one of the best who ever lived at doing so.

So before I even asked Gracie to do it, I know these facts. It’s one thing to know these facts, and quite another to live these facts.

The Brazilian-born Gracie, who was recently at the Street Jitsu gym and studio in Justin to conduct a seminar, is 52 and looks like he could go again in UFC.

Gracie fought in something called, UFC 1. He helped to build the sport. He lives with his family and resides in Southern California, but travels all over working with young people and conducting seminars on the sport.

Today, thanks to guys like Gracie, UFC is mainstream.

On Saturday night in Atlanta will be UFC 236.

He was kind enough to participate in a Big Mac Chat, and give a demonstration or two of what is necessary to survive in this sport.

No, hate to disappoint, but Gracie chose not to kill me.

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