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TCU fires basketball assistant linked to FBI case

TCU has fired Corey Barker, the men’s basketball assistant coach who is linked to the FBI college basketball corruption case, sources said.

Barker allegedly received a bribe to influence certain TCU basketball players to a particular sports agency. His bio is no longer on the TCU website.

Frogs head coach Jamie Dixon refused to confirm the news during the Big 12 conference call Monday morning.

“I don’t know all the details, I don’t really know any of the details as far as that, so I can’t really comment on it as far as going forward cause I really don’t know the details that were discussed. So I really can’t comment any more than I care to,” he said.

Dixon was asked if he could confirm if Barker was on administrative leave or if he’d been fired, to which he responded, “No.”

The player in question is former TCU guard Jaylen Fisher, who left the program in January. Sources said Fisher’s departure from the team has nothing to do with Barker, or this case; sources said Fisher accepted no money.

Shortly after the news of the allegation broke on March 7, TCU put Barker on administrative leave. The school’s intention was to conduct an internal review of the matter.

He was not on the bench for TCU’s regular-season finale at Texas on March 8. The school fired Barker a few days later, before the start of the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City.

Sources said Barker was asked by TCU for an interview about the allegations. At the instruction of his lawyer, Barker declined to be interviewed.

At that point, Barker’s employment with TCU was terminated. The departure was amicable, according to sources.

Barker allegedly accepted a bribe of $6,000 from Adidas consultant Christian Dawkins to essentially steer TCU basketball players to a large sports agency. The man Barker took the money from was sentenced to six months in prison after he was found guilty of wire fraud and moving money to families of recruits.

Sources said Barker does not figure to be charged with a crime.

Shortly after the news broke in the fall of 2017 that the FBI had investigated college basketball, and had evidence against a number of high profile programs, then-TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte asked all of the members of the men’s basketball staff if they had participated anything potentially attached to the case.

All of the staff, including Dixon, said no. Del Conte had them all sign a document that said they did not participate in any wrongdoing. The document is not binding, but it was a Just in Case for TCU deptartment offiicals.

Dixon said that he was “shocked” to learn of Barker’s involvement with this case.

Barker just finished his third season on Dixon’s staff, and he had risen to the spot of No. 2 assistant on the bench. He was a well-liked and respected member on the staff by coaches and players. He had become a top recruiter for Dixon.

Barker is one of many of what is expected to be several more firings and departures from the college basketball world as a result of the FBI’s investigation into the sport. Assistant coaches from Auburn, USC, Arizona and Oklahoma State, who are linked to this case, have all been fired. More are expected to come in April.

LSU coach Will Wade is currently suspended after reports surfaced that he is on a wiretap discussing with Dawkins paying a recruit.

Kansas is also a part of this corruption case as are programs at Auburn, USC, NC State, Creighton, Arizona, Oregon, and Oklahoma State among others.

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