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What Jerry Jones had to say about Ezekiel Elliott’s incident in Las Vegas

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks the incident involving running back Ezekiel Elliott in Las Vegas was much ado about nothing.

Elliott was detained and cuffed but not arrested after allegedly pushing a security guard to the ground while attending a music festival. No charges are expected to be filed.

And while the incident interrupted a quiet off-season for Elliott, Jones said it will have no impact on his status with the Cowboys, especially given the good positive things he has shown throughout the last several months.

Elliott visited a local fire department, comforted a kid who was hit by a hockey puck at a playoff game and funded the funeral of a slain youth football star in hometown of St. Louis.

“I think that the main thing is that I don’t see anything that needs supporting,” Jones said Thursday. “In terms of his status with us, (it) has not been impacted in any way and frankly I know how conscientious he has been in the off-season and that’s good enough. No, I don’t see that having any consequences for us.”

The issue is still something that could draw scrutiny from the NFL, especially considering Elliott’s history of being suspended six games in 2017 for violating the personal conduct policy.

But Jones said the growth and maturity Elliott has shown for much of the last year, highlighted by what he has done this off-season, should rule the day when it comes to the NFL judging his actions in the Las Vegas incident that did not result in an arrest and will likely not draw charges.

“I think that he’s certainly has had a great off-season, had a great year last year and I think that will speak for itself,” Jones said. “So I think that, yes, his overall career at this point is in a really positive place.”

Jones echoed vice president Stephen Jones in saying the incident will not impact a future contract extension for Elliott. He acknowledged the two sides have been talking, just as they are with quarterback Dak Prescott and receiver Amari Cooper, but nothing is imminent.

“I’m proud that we’ve got these players that are noteworthy to talk about where their contracts are,” Jones said. “But we talk contracts around here 100 percent of the time. And we’re talking somebody’s contract all the time. And we’re talking about that. You don’t know really where you are with any talk until you get it done. So he would fall into that group.”

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