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Did Randall Cobb request Dak Prescott as his QB after eight years with Aaron Rodgers?

Prescott: OC Kellen Moore commanding room, demanding respect

QB Dak Prescott said offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is already proving critics wrong by commanding the room and demanding respect so far during the off-season program.
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QB Dak Prescott said offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is already proving critics wrong by commanding the room and demanding respect so far during the off-season program.

Randall Cobb had his eye on the Cowboys before he was on their radar.

Well before Cole Beasley signed with the Buffalo Bills on March 14, leaving a hole a slot receiver, the former Packers standout had plotted to join the Cowboys.

It was at the NFL Honors in February when Cobb slid up to Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and said, “Hey man, come get me.”

Less than a week after Beasley signed a four-year, $29 million contract with the Bills, Cobb signed a one-year, $5 million deal with the Cowboys.

He knew his days were numbered in Green Bay after an injury-plagued season in 2018. He saw the Cowboys as a place for a fresh start to revive his career with a team he believes can contend for a Super Bowl.

“It’s just a new energy,” said Cobb, who began working with the team during the player-led workouts after his signing to get on the same page before the start of the off-season program last month and OTAs this week. “It’s like being the new kid in school and you’re trying to find your way around, trying to figure out where the classrooms are and continuing to learn different things. It’s refreshing. It’s a new energy for me and I think it’s definitely going to be great to rejuvenate my career.

“I definitely believe in this team. I felt like I wanted to be on a team that was a contender and I definitely believe that we have the ability, it’s just putting the pieces together.”

Cobb, who turns 29 in August, caught 470 passes for 5,524 yards and 41 touchdowns the past eight seasons with the Packers.

He was limited to nine games last season due to a hamstring injury, catching just 38 passes for 383 yards and two touchdowns.

“This past year was definitely a struggle,” Cobb said. “I hurt my hamstring in practice in Week 3 and probably came back a little earlier than I should have. That was really the first time I’ve had that kind of soft tissue injury.

“I’ve already jumped into the hamstring program here that the staff has in the weight room. I feel like I’m really progressing as far as my health.”

If Cobb is healthy, he has a chance to put some explosiveness in the offense. While Beasley was great on third down and over the middle, he didn’t have the ability to take it to the house from anywhere on the field like Cobb.

Cobb is motivated to prove to anyone who doubts if he has juice left in his legs to make the big play. But he has never lacked motivation.

“I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since I was seven years old,” he said. “I went to camp in high school and they told me that I wouldn’t play Division I football. I went to Kentucky and they told me I shouldn’t have been in the SEC. I got drafted and they told me that I was too slow, wasn’t big enough, wasn’t fast enough.

“Every day you’ve got to prove yourself, every day you wake up. Nothing’s ever given in life and I truly believe in that and I carry myself that way.”

Even though Cobb played the last eight seasons catching passes from Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best passer, if not the best quarterback in the NFL, he is excited about working with Prescott.

And why not?

He identified in February that Prescott was the next quarterback he wanted to continue his career with.

And he certainly likes what he has seen in practice so far.

“I definitely think his arm strength, his ability to work the field,” Cobb said of Prescott’s strengths. “He gets great protection up front, offensive line is amazing. He’s able to create after the play, he moves around when things aren’t there and finds plays downfield.”

So what does he hope to accomplish during the off-season and bring to the offense?

“I hope just another playmaker, just to be another weapon,” he said. “You look at (running back) Zeke (Elliott) and what he does in the running game and how that opens up the passing game for us downfield. Just being able to match that off each other and continue to grow with the receiving room and get on the same page with Dak and build that chemistry.”

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