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‘Hypocrite’ Jason Witten blasted by fans for condemning Redskins, Reuben Foster on MNF

ESPN does not seem to be getting its wish when it comes to Jason Witten.

All season, fans across the NFL have criticized the ex-Dallas Cowboys tight end for his performance as a broadcaster on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

In an interview last week, ESPN producer Jay Rothman said, “We knew this would not be an overnight sensation, and I do believe he is getting better and better. We just ask for a little patience.”

The Monday night game between the Redskins and Eagles, both of whom are trying to catch the Cowboys in the NFC East standings, didn’t elicit any kinder reactions from fans on social media.

Fans were particularly upset with Witten’s strong condemnation of Redskins linebacker Reuben Foster.

When Witten was asked if Washington should’ve taken a chance on Foster, a player involved in multiuple domestic violence incidents, here’s how he responded.

“100% no. I think the Washington Redskins used horrendous judgment in claiming this guy. And I understand that it’s an ongoing investigation. But, my family’s been affected by domestic violence. I understand the anguish that it causes. Young players just have to understand there is no tolerance for putting your hands on a woman.”

Many pointed out that Witten’s comments about former teammate Greg Hardy. The ex-Cowboys defensive end also has a history of domestic violence.

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