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Report on Greg Hardy incident an indictment of Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has called defensive end Greg Hardy a “real leader.”
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has called defensive end Greg Hardy a “real leader.” AP

As expected, feared and predicted, all of it was a lie and everybody who signed off on the Dallas Cowboys’ decision to add Greg Hardy can now deservedly be dropped in the bear pit. Or maybe they should be in a relationship with the man.

That includes owner Jerry Jones, team vice president Stephen Jones, team vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson and head coach Jason Garrett.

On Friday, the website Deadspin released the photographs and police report from the domestic-violence charges stemming from the incident involving Hardy and his ex-girlfriend in Charlotte in 2013.

The photographs and the report are as bad as feared, and confirm the Cowboys did zero homework on this incident before they signed him, or didn’t care either way. Dale Hansen should have fun with this.

Other than the guilty party, the one who looks worse than the rest on this is our fair-haired coach. No one person in Garrett’s tenure as coach has neutered him the way Hardy has — and turned Coach Process into Coach Fraud.

If anybody grasps the realities of pro football, and the necessities of having talent, it would be Garrett. He has been around the game since he was a kid, and he knows the score. It can be a slimy business where you are not going to win unless you have players that make you sick.

They all have to make exceptions for the guy who doesn’t pay his child support. The guy who smokes too much weed, or does a little too much blow. The guy who drinks too much, or is late to practice.

Then there is the guy that should make them all stop and say, “I can’t do this one. Let him be a great player for somebody else.”

Garrett sold himself as that guy, but he’s not, which in a way makes him worse. Nobody else wanted The Kraken but our Cowboys. Nobody else looks weaker for taking him than our head coach.

Hardy did not speak to the media Friday. The Cowboys did not comment on the report. They are not going to cut him, and expect them to pursue a contract extension with him when the season is over.

To those who thought the accuser was lying, that the judge who convicted Hardy was prejudiced against pro athletes, or that this was a case of a jealous woman who was mad at her ex-boyfriend because he would not marry her, please shut your ignorant mouths.

It was her word, and her bruises, against his words. His money, and his lawyers won. That is the way the legal system works, but it does not mean it’s right.

There was, and will be, no punishment. This is not a case of a second chance. To receive a second chance requires punishment — to which there will forever remain zero.

No rehab. No jail. Just a check and get back on the field, son. Release The Kraken on the quarterbacks.

This report and these photos are the visual proof behind the words that his defenders had doubted under the guise of “false accusations,” which tragically do happen. Sometimes men are indeed wrongly accused, and it ruins lives.

And then there are the accusations that are supported by evidence. Or video. Or pictures. Ask Ray Rice about how this changes things.

After reading the Deadspin report, no rational person could believe anything other than there was a nasty fight, and a 6-foot-4, 290-pound man with apparent anger issues beat up a much smaller woman.

Either that or she threw herself down a multilevel shower stall that had a staircase with guns all over the place.

Still, however, The Kraken has his defenders.

On social media Friday, I was greeted with remarks such as “She could have injured herself; you don’t know more then the courts you [jerk].” Or “I’ve been told by some that it’s not as bad as it looks.” And “Get a doctor to come on the radio and ask him just how bad the bruising is. I’m curious.”

This report is just a reconfirmation that the dude was bad news and, since he arrived here, he has remained as such. The Panthers knew it, so they cut him. The NFL knew it, and it fumbled its attempt to suspend him 10 games. The Cowboys don’t care.

That includes the head coach, whose previous messages are not consistent with this addition.

After more than 25 years of running the Dallas Cowboys, we are familiar with Jerry’s priorities of winning, and cash. The rest he doesn’t care about because there is no incentive to care.

When Jerry recently proclaimed that Hardy was a “real leader” of this team, we could laugh it off as Jerry being Jerry. The man will say anything, up to and including that he is “sensitive” to the domestic-violence issues even as he signed Hardy. In reality, no team was less sensitive to this issue than the Cowboys.

It’s not as if adding Hardy has undermined Jerry’s voice. It is consistent with an approach to personnel that he has maintained for decades.

All of the promises made by Charlotte Jones Anderson when the Cowboys signed Hardy about an “opportunity” to raise domestic-violence awareness, and of rehabilitation, are empty and make her look worse than she deserves.

No other team, other than the Tampa Bay Bucs, wanted this guy, and they backed out specifically because of this. The local team was OK with it, and so was the coach.

He has been OK with all of it, up to and including Hardy brazenly putting his hands in anger on an assistant coach during the game.

Signing Hardy is what the Joneses have always done, will always do.

But Garrett? He is just keeping up with, well, the Joneses.

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