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JCPenney found a family for a holiday video, but had no idea it was Adrian Beltre’s family

At some point during the holiday season, leading up to Christmas, Adrian Beltre showed what retirement is all about.

Spending time with family ... by going to JCPenney during the holiday shopping rush.

There’s video to prove it, an ad of some sort, but the people who shot, produced and hosted the video clearly had no idea that a Hall of Fame baseball player was in their midst.

And, naturally, Beltre comes off as an All-Star and the generous person he was known to his teammates to be.

The video, which was unearthed Thursday, shows many shoppers headed to a JCPenney near Los Angeles to finish off Christmas lists. The Beltres, four-fifths of them, were among them.

But rather than identify himself as Adrian Beltre, Baseball Superstar, he played along with the host, Jacqui Saldana.

First, he answered the question about whether it is better to give or receive, and how much his three children enjoy giving gifts. Later in the video/ad, the host offers to purchase gifts for Beltres two youngest children.

“Can we actually get the gift and donate them to someone,” says Beltre, who retired Nov 20.

It looks like Beltre and family helped out at least three families. Among the donations appeared to be two toys and a set of new pots and pans.

Beltre’s wife, Sandra, mentions that their oldest child, Cassandra, volunteers at homeless shelters preparing meals during the holidays. Cassandra was not in the video.

But her famous dad was, and no one shooting the video for Plano-based JCPenney had the slightest clue.

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