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Anonymous coaching survey: in-state college coach you least want your kids to play for


As TXHSFB gears up for another season in 2018, take a look back at some of the highlights from a fun-filled 2017.
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As TXHSFB gears up for another season in 2018, take a look back at some of the highlights from a fun-filled 2017.

The Star-Telegram caught up with multiple high school football coaches from around the area to get their take on a variety of topics as the 2018 season kicks into full gear.

We asked these questions with the understanding that all answers would be anonymous with hopes that the coaches would speak more openly about each topic.

Here are their answers.

What are your thoughts on the latest UIL realignment?

— I like the realignment, but there needs to be something done about West Texas. I don’t think San Angelo Central was treated fairly.

— I am good with it, but I’m just not sure there was enough thought on travel once you bust the divisions up.

— For 5A Division I, it took out our best regional team, Aledo, but the strength overall increased ten fold. Having different districts for football and volleyball is something to get used to and makes for scheduling nightmares.

— I think it was a mistake putting San Angelo Central in a DFW district. Odessa makes more sense cost wise. It makes for weird distances, I don’t understand it.

— Our region got tougher. Bushland moving down from 4A; Eastland moving up from 3A Division II; and Pilot Point and Whitesboro coming into our region.

— Especially for us, I’m excited we’re in Division II because now it’s like we’re a big fish in a small pond and if we just execute and do what we do, we can make history again.

— First time San Angelo Central is in DFW. It’ll be challenging, but a lot of our kids want to play college ball so traveling will help them and that’s our mindset.

— Our region is loaded. We added a few teams in district, but the region is tough.

The UIL added instant replay to its state championship games. Are you in favor?

— Yes. The game is televised with enough cameras to get it right.

— Yes. As long as they have the technology I wouldn’t want to lose a game of that importance on a missed call.

— I am in favor of allowing instant replay.

— If they can find a way to do it in a timely matter, I think it’s a good thing. There’s a lot riding on that game so I think it’s a good thing as long as it doesn’t hijack the game.

— Not really. Let the officials handle it.

— Yes. Get it right.

— I am not in favor of it. I think it would have to be all games since Week 1.

— It’s a gut reaction. I’d like to see them do it all the time. It’s about getting the calls right.

— I like it. Get it right.

Are you in favor of instant replay throughout the entire season?

— No, it will increase the time of games.

— I don’t see any way we would have the technology for that.

— I am in favor, but due to money there is no way to make it work for every stadium throughout the state.

— The cost inconsistency and every camera set up will make it impossible. They just need to leave that alone at the end of the day.

— If it was throughout the season, I’d have a different opinion on instant replay at state.

— I think it’ll never happen. Stadiums can’t have every set up to review every game.

— I would if we’re going to do it, but I understand money is involved and all kinds of officials. I don’t know if I love the idea, but the big game is slightly different.

— I don’t know if it’s financially possible to have all the equipment to do it.

Who’s the one DFW coach that gets the least amount of credit?

— Any coach in Fort Worth ISD. No one really understands what those guys are up against.

— Dale Matlock over at Everman.

— Kyle Geller at Burleson Centennial. He works extremely hard and always has his kids ready to play.

— Todd Ford at Lovejoy. He’s always been a great coach.

— J.J. Resendez (Crowley) does a heck of a job.

— Any coaches at the small schools who are on the outside looking in. Eddie Gill at Whitesboro does a great job.

— I think John Abendschan at Boswell does a phenomenal job. For as long as he’s been there and all the accomplishments he’s had, I have a lot of respect for John.

— There’s a lot of great coaches in this area. Bob Wager, Bill Poe, Mike Glaze; it’s tough to pick one.

— If you look at success for the past 10 years, Todd Rogers at Argyle.

Who’s the in-state college coach you’d most want your kids to play for?

— Frank Wilson, UT-San Antonio. He does a great job developing young men on and off the field.

— Right now I’m a fan of the new head coach at Rice. I also think Scott Vestal is one of the best assistants and recruiters in the state. So Rice from top to bottom, education and staff wins my vote.

— Seth Littrell at North Texas. They do a great job.

— I’ve been impressed with Gary Patterson at TCU for a long time.

— Gary Patterson.

— Tom Herman at Texas and Matt Rhule at Baylor are most impressive.

— The offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Midwestern State, Adam Austin. He’s a very sharp individual.

— No one above the other. Everyone does a great job with Texas kids and they’re welcome here any time.

— North Texas, Texas State, Joey McGuire at Baylor, Troy Douglas at Lamar.

Who’s the least?

— Jimbo Fisher.

— I’m a fan of Gary Patterson’s program and what football has done for TCU, but stylistically as a player you have to fit into a box. That’s the most challenging program to adapt to as a player in our state.

Who is the best team in DFW or the state regardless of classification?

— Carthage (state)

— Allen (state)

— Katy (state)

— Allen (DFW)

— Allen (DFW)

— Allen (DFW)

— Allen (DFW)

— Allen (DFW)

— Aledo (DFW)

— Denton Ryan or Highland Park (DFW)

Who’s the best coach in DFW?

— Bob Wager at Arlington Martin

— Reginald Samples at Duncanville. He wins wherever he goes.

— Joe Willis at Colleyville Heritage and Steve Wood at Aledo.

— Lee Bishop at Aledo. He coaches 100 percent every day and takes no days off.

— Randy Allen at Highland Park

Who’s the one coach or school you would trade places with?

— Allen with the amount of resources and number of athletes to choose from.

— If I could take my crew with me, I think it would be fun to coach at an all boys school like Dallas Jesuit.

— I wouldn’t trade places.

— I wouldn’t. I am in the best place to coach in the state. Great people, great facilities, and I love what I do.

— I’ve been at four schools, but have started from the root up here so it’s hard to think I can be anywhere else.

— It would be hard to leave here.

— I wouldn’t trade.

— I wouldn’t leave. I have such a great job and work with great people. It can’t get any better than this.

— I have a pretty good spot here.

— I love it here.

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