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What did Texas coach Tom Herman think of LSU’s case of the cramps?

LSU had a case of the cramps in its 45-38 victory over Texas on Saturday night.

Multiple LSU defensive players had to be attended to on the field for cramps, particularly during Texas’ 19-play touchdown drive in the third quarter.

Texas coach Tom Herman addressed the situation in his postgame news conference, saying it affected his players.

“Yes,” Herman responded when asked if the injuries hindered his offense mid-drive.

Asked if he felt the injuries were in good faith, Herman simply said: “I have no idea.”

Texas scored touchdowns on its first three series of the second half, staying within striking distance all night. But whenever the Longhorns’ got some momentum on offense, a LSU player had to get helped off.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron brushed off any notion that the injuries weren’t legitimate in his postgame news conference.

“In the second half, they started cramping up,” Orgeron said. “Most of it was cramp, but some of it was ankle sprain, some of them were knees. They were hurt a little bit.

“That was a war out there.”

Is that fair gamesmanship? Let us know what you think.

Were LSU's cramping issues fair gamesmanship?
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