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Texas and Texas A&M eliminated from College Football Playoffs in pathetic Saturday

The great state a Texas was an underdog in both, and with the chance to prove to the universe we have at least one team worthy of a top-five spot, both Texas and its kid brother, Texas A&M, blew it.

Another year and no team from Texas will be in the College Football Playoff. Much will change over the next few months, but Texas does not have a team that’s good enough to be in the BcS Plus 2.

We don’t pay our football coaches enough.

The college football playoff crooks are already on record as believing the only teams worthy of playoff spots from this state are named A&M and Texas. The rest can apply, but won’t get in. Ask TCU and Baylor how this all goes.

Vegas had it right; Texas A&M was a big underdog at Clemson, and Texas was a ‘dog at home against LSU, for a reason.

At least Jimmy Fisher had the decency to call multiple timeouts to ensure his Aggies covered the 17.5 point spread for the alums and boosters who bet on their team at top-ranked Clemson. Fisher’s offense was a collection of highly-ranked recruits who could not create any room to breathe, much less move a football, until Clemson put in its backups.

Texas A&M does not have a quarterback, and I suspect Fisher knows it.

Speaking of passers, a few hours later after Texas A&M finished up its ugly afternoon at Clemson in a 24-10 loss, Texas and DBU were emasculated by an LSU quarterback.

Teams that lose to LSU lose because of the Tigers’ defense, never their passer. Jamarcus Russell didn’t beat teams. LSU QB Joe Burrow turned Texas’ secondary into Dallas Baptist University in the Tigers’ 45-38 win.

At home, in front of one of the best crowds ever at DKR, mighty Texas couldn’t even cover the 5.5 point spread. Because DBU could not cover any of LSU’s receivers.

Burrow threw for 471 yards, and LSU had three receivers who had more than 100 yards receiving.

As much “progress” as we think both Texas A&M under Jimmy and UT under Tommy Boy have made, they are not on the same plane as the top five.

LSU and Clemson are just better.

Technically, both A&M and UT could win out but ... that’s not happening.

Texas may beat Oklahoma and finish with 10 wins this season, which is progress. Texas A&M may grab a win or two against its death schedule that includes Auburn, Alabama, Georgia and LSU, and that will be progress.

Saturday proved what Vegas knew, and most of us suspected.

Texas’ best two teams may be improved, and they may be close to being “a great team,” but they are not close to the playoffs.

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