Watch: Monstrous alligator strolls across nature path in Florida

We like to brag about how things are bigger and better in Texas, but we’ve got to hand it to Florida on this one:

A monstrous alligator was captured on video at the Circle B Bar Reserve outside Lakeland in southwest Florida by Kim Joiner and posted on the Lakeland PD Facebook page with the caption: “Who Says Dinosaurs Are Extinct?”

"I love Circle B. Nature at its best," Joiner wrote in her post.

The video shows four people capturing the moment at uncomfortably close quarters.

Naturally, it’s gone viral. The video had 79,000-plus views and more than 1,940 shares on Facebook as of Monday afternoon.

The first question that comes to mind: Is it real?


"No photoshop," Joiner said on Facebook, according to Fox 13 News in Tampa. "He was the biggest gator I have seen out there. I have been going out there for years too," she said.

Maybe. Maybe it’s a figment of our imagination:


We’ve crossed paths with a few gators in these parts, but nothing like this one. In fact, if it’s all the same to you, Florida, you’re welcome to keep this one if it’s real and any relatives, too.

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