Crocodile sneaks up on couple in pool, lunges in and tangles with woman

A crocodile appeared to sneak up on a couple taking a late-night dip in a swimming pool and suddenly dive in to join them — or worse.

They were not amused. And the internet got a bit upset after the guy jumped out and left the girl in the pool to fight off the croc on her own.

It was caught on security camera video, posted on YouTube and picked up by the dailymail.com under the headline: “What a gentleman! Man leaps out of swimming pool after six-foot CROCODILE dives in, leaving his partner to fight it off herself.”

The video had been viewed almost 144,000 times on YouTube as of Tuesday morning, with many commenters taking aim at the guy’s “you’re on your own” reaction.

“So much for chivalry,” one commenter noted.

The couple was taking a late-night dip in the pool at a lodge in Kariba, Zimbabwe, on Friday, the Daily Mail reports.

In the video, the croc clandestinely creeps up to the edge of the pool and then lunges in. The guy hops out as the croc goes after the girl, who fends it off and then manages to jump out herself, leaving the pool to the croc.

She supposedly suffered only minor injuries. And a lifetime of chills.

Around these parts, the only crocodiles to be found are at the Fort Worth Zoo. But we’ve had our share of alligators. Remember Hollywood? The old blind gator at the Fort Worth Nature Center was put down by game wardens in July because he kept venturing off into Lake Worth and curiosity-seekers wouldn’t leave him alone. Then there was the rogue gator spotted at Arlington’s Cravens Park a few years back.

You might be reminded of this gator episode out of Florida last spring:

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