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‘Real fans have been robbed.’ 2nd George Strait ticket sale leaves many frustrated

For many George Strait fans, trying to buy tickets to a second concert at the new Dickies Arena in November proved to be just as frustrating as the first time.

Tickets disappeared fast for the Nov. 23 concert and had one potential ticket buyer tweeting “real fans have been robbed” at 10:24 a.m.

The Star-Telegram waited in line just like everybody else and found the cheapest tickets available priced at $181 after a 35-minute wait on the Ticketmaster website.

Even that proved to be fool’s gold as the tickets disappeared before they could be purchased.

At 1:30 p.m., tickets were available but the cheapest seat was listed at $775.

It was similar to the Dec. 7 ticket sale for the first show, when most fans were out of luck.

And those tickets that were supposed to start at $19.82?

There was no sign of them.

One fan who had access to the pre-sale on the latest show emailed the Star-Telegram and said they were scarce Monday, too.

“From the get-go, $181 was cheapest price,” Mike Modisett wrote. “How is this even possible?”

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