Texas man decapitated mother’s body in Denton apartment before fleeing, police say

A Denton man used a hacksaw to cut off his mother’s head in her apartment earlier this month before he fled to Oklahoma, according to Denton police.

Her head was not found in or around the apartment, but a shopping cart containing various cleaning supplies was near the apartment, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram late Thursday.

The warrant does not say if or where her head was found. Denton police said Friday they would not be releasing any additional information because the investigation was ongoing.

Isaac Israel Warriner, who was arrested in Oklahoma earlier this month, was returned to Denton and booked in the Denton County Jail on Thursday evening..

He faces charges of abuse of corpse and tampering with physical evidence, Denton police said.

A ruling on the death of his mother, Sarah Ann Warriner, is still pending, according to officials with the Tarrant County medical examiners’ office. An autopsy should determine the cause and manner of her death.

Denton police are working with the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office and the Denton County District Attorney to determine if any additional charges will be filed.

Kenneth Warriner told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram earlier this moth that his son had had a mental breakdown just months before the body of his ex-wife was found on May 5 in Denton.

“She had allowed him (Isaac) to stay with her after his last rehabilitation stay,” Kenneth Warriner said the May 6 interview. “He was prescribed psychotic drugs to try and help, but that didn’t seem to work.”

The warrant gave this brief account of the investigation:

On May 1, Denton police responded to a welfare concern at the Warriners’ apartment. Sarah Warriner told police her son had cut his arms with a razor and she took him to the hospital. Isaac Warriner told a nurse he was going to kill his mother and himself, but he fled the hospital before security officers arrived.

Sarah Warriner told Denton police she found her son walking on the road, picked him up and drove back to their apartment. At some point, Isaac Warriner took her mother’s phone away so she couldn’t call anyone.

Denton officers went to a suspicious person call in the 2400 block of Stockbridge Road on May 5.

The caller stated that a neighbor, Isaac Warriner, had all types of cleaning supplies, was acting weird and possibly making a bomb.

When they arrived, Denton officers did not find Isaac Warriner, but a shopping cart containing various cleaning supplies was outside of an apartment.

The apartment was unlocked and Denton police went inside, where they found the body of a woman who was later identified as Sarah Ann Warriner.

Denton police said the body was in a bedroom and it was in a state of decomposition. Police believe she had been dead for at least two days.

Her head had been severed, according to the warrant.

Evidence in the bedroom led Denton police to believe a hacksaw was used to sever her head.

Her car also was not located at the Denton apartment complex.

Isaac Warriner was arrested May 6 in Love County in Oklahoma after a brief chase. Love County is about 55 miles north of Denton.

The Denton man faces a tampering with evidence charge because he altered, destroyed or concealed documents and records in the case, according to the warrant.

Reporter Mitch Mitchell contributed to this article.
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