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Would you feel better if your next speeding ticket was ‘pumpkin spice’ scented?

Few would argue that getting a speeding ticket doesn’t stink.

But would it be less annoying if the ticket was ‘pumpkin spice’ scented?

The Southlake Police Department seems to think so. In an alternate universe — Facebook basically — the Southlake Police Department envisions a golden autumn day, with lots of sunshine and a busted speeder happily taking the Febreze “Fresh-Harvest Pumpkin”-sprayed ticket with a smile.

“We knew the ole pumpkin spice craze was on the horizon, but didn’t realize it was coming up so soon here in August,” said Brad Uptmore, a spokesman for the department.

He was referring to the annual Starbucks fall launch of its popular pumpkin spice lattes. The company typically launches the campaign in late August at a limited number of locations with a full release in early September. This year Dallas-Fort Worth area locations got the early start, on Aug. 28, according to Business Insider.

That got the public relations team with the Southlake police to thinking about a way to capitalize on the buzz. They got their video team together and went to FM 1709, the city’s second-busiest thoroughfare behind Texas 114, according to Uptmore.

“It’s the unofficial announcement that fall is almost here,” said Uptmore. “It’s just a reminder that speeding is one of those problems that we get ‘lattes’ of calls and concerns about. We like to be current and clever with our fair citizens.”

The Facebook post has been viewed more than 20,000 times and shared more than 400 times. The department’s social media followers were impressed with the “Saturday Night Live”-ish parody.

Some took the seasonal theme a step farther.

Unfortunately, Southlake officers say they don’t have enough room on their utility belts to carry around a can of pumpkin spiced air freshener. Their hope is that the video will stick in people’s minds and help reduce wrecks this fall.

“Our hope is that maybe every time they see a Starbucks or see the leaves starting to fall that maybe our PSA will jog their memory to remind them to drive safely and slowly through town,” Uptmore said.

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