Video shows driver stopping on highway ramp and pointing gun at motorist behind him

A 20-year-old Arlington man is accused of stopping and getting out of his car on an entrance ramp to Texas 360 and pointing a handgun at a motorist last month during a road rage incident.

No shots were fired. But the incident was captured on a motorist’s personal dashcam.

Terris Strickland told police he pointed a 9mm handgun at the motorist because he “was trying to merge aggressively and almost hit him,” according to an arrest warrant obtained by the Star-Telegram on Thursday.

The incident occurred at about 7 p.m. on Nov. 25 near an access road to southbound Texas 360.

Strickland was arrested on Dec. 11 and faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was free Thursday on $15,000 bail.

A motorist in a 2014 Porsche was attempting to merge on an access road of southbound Texas 360 when he honked and flashed his high beam lights at another motorist in a white Dodge Dart with California license plates.

The Porsche driver had a dashcam and it was turned on and captured the incident.

The video shows the driver of the Dodge Dart pumping his brakes several times and then stopping. The driver gets out of the car, points what appears to be a handgun and then gets back in the car and drives off.

The motorist in the Porsche told police he ducked until Strickland got back in his car because he figured the other driver was going to open fire on him.

The motorist called 911 about 11 p.m. on Nov. 25.

When asked why he waited several hours to report the incident, the motorist told police he had to get the dashcam footage uploaded so it could be used as evidence.

Investigators tracked Strickland to an address in Arlington a few days later.

He admitted he was the driver involved in the road rage and he had responded by getting out of his car and yelling, “You almost hit me, ______,” according to the warrant. He also admitted he pointed a handgun which he had borrowed from his uncle after a previous altercation, the warrant states. He had since given the handgun back to his uncle.

He told investigators the Nov. 25 incident was not the first time he has had a “rage incident” and after talking to his family believed he should not have a gun, according to the warrant.

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