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Dressed as Santa Claus, he was driving along I-20 when someone shot at him, police say

Police say a man dressed as Santa was shot at in Forest Hill.
Police say a man dressed as Santa was shot at in Forest Hill. Courtesy

An as-yet unidentified driver might be getting a lump of coal for Christmas after shooting at a man dressed as Santa Claus in a car on Interstate 20 late Tuesday night.

Police say the incident happened at about 11:30 p.m. on I-20 at the Anglin Drive exit.

A man referred to by police only as “Santa” said he was cut off by someone driving a small red car.

“Santa,” driving with a female passenger police referred to as “Mrs. Claus,” tried to pass the red car, but it kept blocking them from doing so, police Capt. Jerry Cozby said.

The driver of the red car then exited to Anglin Drive and shot at Santa’s car, he said.

Santa told NBC5 that his car was shot twice, but Cozby said it was likely only hit once.

“Mrs. Claus showed us something where she thought the bullet might have ‘bounced off’ the car,” Cozby said. “But bullets don’t generally bounce off cars, so I’m not sure what she was looking at.”

Police are not investigating, as Santa was unable to provide a license plate number or description of the shooter and didn’t want to pursue the matter.

“Funny enough, Santa didn’t want to make a report,” Cozby said. “He didn’t have any interest in that, he said nobody was hurt. We did provide him information about insurance for his vehicle.”

Cozby said he can’t call it a road-rage incident without being able to talk to the shooter about why he or she did it.

Stephen English covers breaking news for the Star-Telegram. He attended Texas Wesleyan University and has lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than 30 years.