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Don’t hate Whataburger. (But if you do, Griff’s and Burger Street are home-owned.)

Texas burgers are great, but we need Blake’s

Hey, Bud! This Whataburger deal stinks. What’s the best burger chain that’s Texas-owned?

—Double-double diner

Spare me. About 99% of Texans could not have named the Dobson family as the owners. Don’t blame a family that built a great company and reaped the reward. (If you must dine Texan in the drive-through, Griff’s Burger Bar is locally owned, and Burger Street is a Dallas company. Wish we could lure a New Mexico-based Blake’s Lotaburger.)

The first local Whataburger was in — yes, Hurst

Hey, Bud! Settle an argument. Where was the first Whataburger here?

—Edwin, Arlington

Surprised me too, but the first local “Whataburger Drive Inn” opened in 1968 on Pipeline Road in Hurst. An Arlington location on South Cooper Street opened before Whataburger came to Fort Worth in 1971. The oldest Dallas-Fort Worth store today is at 4051 E. Lancaster Ave.

For quiet dining, check into a hotel restaurant

Hey, Bud! Where are some quiet restaurants?

—Lou, Fort Worth

This is a common question. Here’s an idea for quiet dinners: hotel restaurants. Cast Iron in the Omni or Vidalia’s in the Renaissance Worthington are quieter than neighbors, and I expect big things from the Wicked Butcher restaurant in the new Sinclair hotel downtown. In Arlington, try Restaurant506 at the Sanford House. The Hilton Southlake has Copeland’s of New Orleans.

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