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Where’s that BBQ burger? ‘Hey, Bud’ answers chicken questions and more

Hey, Bud! What was the barbecue restaurant you wrote about off Interstate 35W?

—Barbara, Fort Worth

The new location of 407BBQ is a mile east of I-35W on Farm Road 407 near Argyle. I wrote about the smoked-brisket burgers, but 407 also has a new jalapeno-stuffed item called “Brisket Twinkies.” (Research continues.)

Hey, Bud! What’s a good place for our class reunion?

—A Paschal High School graduate

Off the top of my head, I’d look at old-time haunts like Joe T. Garcia’s or Angelo’s Barbecue, or a landmark like T&P Tavern downtown. Newer locations like Branch & Bird downtown or the upstairs dining room at Blue Mesa Grill deserve a look. Near Paschal, look at Dutch’s Hamburgers, Los Vaqueros or Tommy’s Burgers.

Hey, Bud! Do you remember Juanita’s in downtown Fort Worth? A friend constantly brings up their chili-butter chicken. Could I get a recipe? (Yes, I know — fat chance.)

—Really asking for a friend. No, really

I checked our archives at and we never published a recipe from either the Fort Worth location or from the original Juanita’s on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. But it never hurts to check the archives, or ask the public library to check.

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