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U.S. soccer star is just following Trump’s winning behaviors we adore

Should Megan Rapinoe choose to skip a potential White House visit she is merely following the unwritten directives by our fearless, God-fearing Commander In Chief, President Donald J. Trump.

You cry, “Stick to sports,” typically when it suits your politics, but don’t worry - this is about sports, and will appeal to all Americans.

Rapinoe, the star of the U.S. women’s national soccer team, did not play in the team’s 2-1 defeat of England in the semifinals of the World Cup on Tuesday in Lyon, France. She was nursing an injury, and said she will be a player for the World Cup final on Sunday.

The USWNT is one win away from winning another World Cup, and that much closer to scoring the one thing all sports teams dread these days: An invitation to the White House, and a photo-op with the greatest President this, or any nation, has ever known.

Rapinoe and her big mouth said that should the team be invited she’s not going to “the (bleeping) White House.” The announcement offended some, including my main man, DJT.

Trump complained that Rapinoe not singing the National Anthem, which she deliberately does not, is offensive and un-American. I don’t sing the National Anthem, primarily because the sound of my singing voice makes dogs bark and whine.

The disappointing element to this is that there would be no U.S. women’s soccer team without Donald Trump. He has done more for women’s sports than any President. In fact, you will notice that in previous Women’s World Cups, the USWNT never won a match, or scored a goal.

It wasn’t until Trump took office has U.S. women’s soccer had any international success. That’s a true story.

The cry against Rapinoe that a U.S. national team member skipping a visit to the WH is disrespectful to the office of the President. It is.

This is not some pro sports franchise, like the Golden State Warriors, passing on a trip to the White House. This is a national team member that is funded by the U.S., and represents the United States in international competition, skipping a trip to the White House. To pass on this visit is disrespectful.

That is a major distinction, but if Rapinoe doesn’t want to go she should not have to.

Since no President has eschewed typical Presidential decorum like Trump, and routinely behaved disrespectfully, it is reasonable and acceptable that someone would do the same in this, or any other, instance.

Of the many world-changing achievements from my POTUS is that he has blown up a number of widely accepted practices from the previous (loser) regimes, including the tradition of a sports team that visits the White House.

Has anyone bothered to ever ask why a sports team should waste the time, and money, of our administration with these visits? We are talking about a dozen teams that visit, and waste the time of our President every year for a photo op, and the chance to give him yet more free junk his closet does not need.

If I am paying for one penny of these visits, I want that penny back.

In the spirit of our great U.S. leaders, Rapinoe is merely doing what a maverick like Trump, or the original Maverick, Trump’s good friend, late U.S. Senator John McCain, would do. She’s different, and just mixing it up.

Like Trump, Rapinoe is merely being genuine. Being real. She’s telling it like it is, and refuses to bow to politically correct loser liberals who think what our President is doing is un-American.

If Rapinoe wants to pass on a trip to the White House, and a chance to get an autograph from Donald J. Trump, she is merely exercising her right as an American, and using the freedom of speech that our President works hours a week protecting.

If Rapinoe wants to trash the President and disrespect the office, she is free to do it as he has done the same thing. Dumb tradition and decorum are for losers, and if the USWNT wins on Sunday Rapinoe will be a winner.

Winners do what they want. Losers get in line.

So don’t make a big deal if Megan Rapinoe, or any U.S. soccer player, skips a trip to the White House.

Ivanka can take her place.

(You see ... told you this was about sports.)

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