Mac Engel

There are never too many bowl games. And now the Rangers want a piece of the action

At last count, there are 834,233 college football bowl games, which means there is plenty of room for one more.

When Globe Life Field opens in 2020, the Texas Rangers want in the college football party.

Club president Rob Matwick said on Monday that the Rangers are interested in joining the bowl season.

On Monday, the club announced its plans for its large video board at the new park, as well as a sweet spot for public address announcer Chuck Morgan behind home plate and close to the fans.

At some point in 2019, the club will get more serious about its plans for using the park as a football stadium, specifically for a bowl game.

“It’s certainly a possibility and something we are interested in pursuing; something like this we have to get the stadium built first before we can really move forward so teams and schools know what it will look like, and how many it will seat for a game,” Matwick said. “We also want to be respectful of the Cotton Bowl. We would not want to do anything to take away from the Cotton Bowl.”

Matwick said the Rangers have also had discussions with Big 12 teams about potentially playing a game at the new facility. They can’t do much more than discuss ideas and propose concepts; Matwick reiterated schools are hesitant to commit to anything until they actually can visit a finished building.

There are 40 bowls scheduled to be played in the 2019-20 season. According to veteran college football reporter Brett McMurphy of the Stadium Network, three more bowl games are scheduled to be added to the college football postseason, in Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach and Boston.

There are 130 FBS teams, meaning 65 percent of them will be “bowl eligible” ... whatever that means.

In DFW alone there is the Cotton Bowl (Arlington), Armed Forces Bowl (Fort Worth), First Responder Bowl (Dallas), and Frisco Bowl (Frisco). Little disappointed there is no Mineral Wells Water Bowl but ... don’t rule that one out in the future.

A football field at Globe Life Field would run, per Matwick, with one end zone situated in left center to center field towards home plate up the first base line. Temporary bleachers could be installed along that sideline if needed.

What Matwick envisions for Globe Life Field for football would actually be attractive for yet another college football postseason game. He estimated the park will seat between 35,000 to 40,000 for a football game, which for a second- or third-tier college football bowl event is an attractive number.

Second- and third-tier bowl games that are played in 75,000-seat venues seldom (never?) draw good crowds, and look bad as a television product as well for the in-game experience. ESPN currently owns/runs 16 bowl games, and it is always looking for a new partner for live programming.

The Rangers want no conflict with the Cotton Bowl, which is now held at AT&T Stadium, and typically will be played on Jan. 1, or in the final days of December, depending on where the game is in the College Football Playoff rotation.

Matwick said Globe Life Field could be used in conjunction with the Cotton Bowl for events tied to the game, such as a battle of the bands, or a Fan Fest.

So ... AT&T Stadium is a football stadium, and will continue to host multiple college and high school football games every fall.

Globe Life Field is a baseball stadium that wants to host football games, including college and high school games. Because of the Rangers schedule, Matwick said there will be no football games played there until after October.

The Rangers will at least be in the World Series every year after the new park opens; no point in risking any scheduling conflicts.

The current Globe Life Park will soon be an old baseball venue that will be the home football stadium for the XFL franchise that will begin play in 2020.

A college football bowl game in a postseason loaded with them actually will fit in quite nicely into a three block area that will feature three football stadiums.

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