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The former OU, A&M QB that captured Katy Perry’s attention is looking for his next game

He’s not Baker Mayfield, nor Kyler Murray, but godspeed finding a guy who led a more interesting college career at Oklahoma or Texas A&M than Trevor Knight.

Top this, kids: Knight beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, was propositioned by Katy Perry on live TV, is the guy who started in front of Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma, is the guy who followed a pair of five-star transfers at Texas A&M, one of whom was the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Other quarterbacks have more wins, but few have better stories than Trevor Knight.

And Knight now represents scores of guys who are hunting to play one more real game of tackle football before it’s over. He is one of the hundreds of guys who played in the Alliance of American Football league before it recently collapsed.

NFL teams begin rookie minicamps this week, and I want to see Trevor Knight in one. If that doesn’t fly, Bob Stoops needs to call this young man and give him one more chance and play for the XFL team in Arlington when the league begins play in 2020.

Interesting shadows Trevor Knight.

“I really don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said in a phone interview a few weeks ago. “I had a tryout with the Philadelphia Eagles, and I thought that went well. I’d like to keep that avenue open for as long as I could. You know, I really thought I was going to be playing for a championship with the AAF but that died.”

Knight played for the Arizona Hotshots until the league’s money guys killed it because... they could. Knight currently lives in Austin as he tries to figure out what to do next.

To all players out there on any level whose body has not betrayed them, including Mr. Knight, keep playing. Play as long as it’s financially feasible because when it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t quit until it’s time.

“I had not really thought about the (XFL), yet. I am talking to some companies about getting ready for life after football. This is all so fresh,” Knight said. “For now, I’m going with the flow and figuring things out. If that bridge is open (to the XFL), maybe I’d be interested.”

Between Oklahoma and A&M, Knight played four seasons and threw 44 touchdown passes. His win with Oklahoma over No. 3 Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl was the best game of his life, and the worst thing that could have happened to him.

People expected Trevor Knight to do what he did against Alabama that night every game, and it simply didn’t happen.

The next season, he was still a name. So big that on ESPN’s College Football Game Day, Katy Perry was the celebrity picker and she called out Knight by name, implying she was interested.

“Trevor Knight,” Perry said on live TV, “call me!”

There was not a guy alive who saw that and did not feel envious of Knight, who was in a Fort Worth hotel room preparing to play TCU that day.

“Blake Bell was my roommate and we were watching it when she said it and you’ve never seen someone’s eyes get so big as Blake’s,” Knight said. “My phone just blew up and I had to turn it off. I never did anything with it. I wish I had.

“I was a young gun, and we were playing TCU. We ended up losing that game and they had a really good team. I didn’t follow up with Perry because I thought it would have looked pretty bad. I was trying to play the politically correct card there. Looking back, I wish I would have done something. It would have been a fun story.”

Fun stories are the epitome of Trevor Knight, who left Oklahoma after the 2015 season. The Sooners had a decent quarterback, Baker Mayfield.

“I can only speak as a guy who transferred but my time at Oklahoma was incredible,” Knight said. “At some point, there was a bump in the road and I took it. I would not have traded any of it.”

Knight went to A&M as the guy who had the impossible job of replacing two of the highest ranked quarterback recruits in the history of the Aggies, five-star Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray.

Knight had the Aggies at 6-0 in 2016, and ranked sixth in the nation after an overtime win over No. 9 Tennessee. Then coach Kevin Sumlin’s worst traits were exposed, and a team that was on the fringe of implosion did just that.

Knight, who could take a hit, dealt with a shoulder injury most of that year that severely affected his passing. He finished his career with a five-point loss to Kansas State in the Texas Bowl.

Sumlin lasted one more season before he was fired, and Knight bounced around the practice squads of the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons.

He’s now another guy working out, hoping for that phone to ring.

Trevor Knight won’t make a fortune from playing football, but football has given him a lifetime full of interesting stories.

And he needs to call Katy Perry.

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