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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says ‘No’ on if he’ll fire Jason Garrett during the season

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has fired coaches before, but only once has he done it during the middle of a season.

As he stood outside of his team’s locker room following their 28-14 loss against the Tennessee Titans, Jerry has no plans to do to Jason Garrett what he did to Wade Phillips.

Mostly because, unlike Uncle Wade, the players have not quit on Garrett.

Jerry flatly said “No” to the possibility of making an in-season coaching change on Monday night.

When it comes to publicly backing Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, Jerry said, “I’m not in the business of backing anybody; the head coach, or offensive coordinator, I just don’t back them publicly.”

Do not take this as an indictment from Jerry on his coaches. Take this for what it is: Jerry supporting his staff, at this particular moment in history. It is important to note when asked these sorts of questions before, Jerry often throws out the qualifier that he reserves the right to change his mind.

When asked if evaluating his 2018 team is based on the results of their final eight games or improvement, Jerry said both; he also said he “looks for results.”

Garrett may have the youngest team in the league, but at this point he needs results.

The results thus far are terrible; the Cowboys are 3-5. And now the Cowboys do not have a first round draft pick in 2019, and they are preparing for what is easily their toughest stretch of the season.

Immediately after the game, Cowboys fans pined for the day when Garrett and his entire staff are all fired.

A losing record this season will certainly make such a scenario highly plausible, no matter how much Jerry does not want to do it, and regardless of how much time and effort he has invested into seeing this coaching project through.

Garrett is under contract through the ‘19 season. Flushing one season on a contract is much more agreeable to a wallet than multiple years.

No matter how much the fans want it, changing out head coaches right now does not fit the picture.

“We’ve all bought in; it’s just not executing the game plan,” linebacker Jaylon Smith said after the game.

That is your problem; effort has never been a problem under Garrett.

Unlike 2010, the Cowboys playing with zero effort under Uncle Wade. On Nov. 7 2010, the Cowboys lost 45-7 in Green Bay to fall to 1-7, and Jerry had no choice but to fire Wade.

He replaced Wade with his personal Tom Landry, Garrett, as the interim head coach.

Garrett led the Cowboys to a 5-3 finish that season, and was given the job he always wanted. Since then, the results have been average, to good, to non-existent in the playoffs. Garrett is 70-58 as the head coach of the Cowboys, with a 1-2 record in the playoffs.

He has three winning records in eight full seasons as the full-time head coach.

Jerry has fired plenty of coaches before.

Although both men agree to disagree on this point, Jerry has said he fired Jimmy Johnson. Jerry also fired Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dave Campo and Uncle Wade. Bill Parcells resigned after the ‘06 season.

With every loss this season, Jerry adding Garrett to this hit list feels like an inevitability.

Just don’t expect it to happen in season.

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