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The genius behind those viral Dallas Cowboys videos

Actor/comedian Scooter Macgruder of Orlando is the man behind the viral videos that depict the agony of being a Dallas Cowboys fan every week.
Actor/comedian Scooter Macgruder of Orlando is the man behind the viral videos that depict the agony of being a Dallas Cowboys fan every week. Scooter Magruder

You likely do not know his name but you have watched and laughed at his work, because no one routinely slaughters and “gets” the pain of being a Cowboys fan any better than Scooter Magruder.

Scooter is the man who posts the irresistibly funny videos on YouTube and Twitter that poke fun of the absolute hell that is being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, among other teams.

The actor/comedian is based out of Orlando, and he has made quite the name for himself just by creating online web content based on making fun of fans and their reactions to following the NBA, college football and especially the Dallas Cowboys.

“There are sports shows all over the place that are personalities just talking about their opinion,” Magruder said in a recent phone interview. “There are not a lot of sports humor shows. I’m just a fan and I thought this idea would be funny.”

If you have not seen Magruder’s work, Google him and find it. You will not be disappointed.

Every week, Magruder produces a short video where he captures the essence of watching the most recent Cowboys game. The video consists of just him as he watches the game, going through a wide range of emotions from joy to disgust to anger to depression and back to joy. And usually back to disgust.

Typically, the videos are hysterical for no reason other than they are accurate.

“It’s the (video) that everyone wants to see because you are not in between on the Cowboys,” Magruder said. “You either want to see them succeed, or you want to see them fail. If you are a fan of a non-NFC East team, you can watch these videos and say, ‘This is why I hate Cowboys fans.’’”

Magruder started doing some videos a few years ago, but those were based more on things said by fans of his alma mater, the University of Florida. Then he expanded that into things said by fans of the Orlando Magic.

Then he realized there is a wealth of material all over the sports map. He added the Los Angeles Lakers, then the Boston Celtics, and the Cowboys soon thereafter.

“I was born and raised in Orlando, but my dad was a Cowboys fan, so that’s the team I grew up cheering for,” said Magruder, 29. “I remember the Troy Aikman years, but I really didn’t start getting into until Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback and we were in that string of not finding quarterbacks.”

Magruder has more than 86,000 followers on Twitter. He has more than 220,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and has been featured on The Today Show.

He makes his living as a freelance worker who creates original web based material. He won a $5,000 award from YouTube and $100,000 in promotional ads just to promote his work on the website. He also has an agent and has tried his hand at stand up comedy before.

Magruder has added to his slate reacting to college football games, and he would like to produce something the represents all NFL games from the weekend.

The video consists of him watching the games from his couch, and the costume is normally nothing more than a jersey or a hat of the team he’s discussing.

To produce one three-minute video requires approximately eight hours of work time. He has one person hold the camera while he “acts” his way through the game. Then he splices, edits and cuts before it’s ready for viewing.

He’s also done some sideline reporting for high school games that are broadcast on Twitter.

“I’m not a normal sideline reporter,” he said. “I’m more the guy who does atmosphere. I talk to parents in the stands. I may dance with the band.”

He’s also done some work for the Cowboys themselves, going so far as to run their Snapchat account during a game.

“The point is to engage with a fan base,” he said. “I’ve switched it to where I am trying to gain more of an audience through sports. I can name thousands of content creators who do comedy, but I don’t know if I can name anyone who has done this.”

He can’t.

There is just Scooter Magruder.

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