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‘Jerry Garrett’ makes season-opening Cowboys loss to Panthers a reality

Panthers talk about their defensive performance against the Cowboys

Carolina Panthers' Luke Kuechly, Kawann Short, and Mario Addison talk about the performance of the team's defense against the Dallas Cowboys.
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Carolina Panthers' Luke Kuechly, Kawann Short, and Mario Addison talk about the performance of the team's defense against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys’ season-opening loss was made possible by their brain (dead) trust who made this 0-1 dream a reality.

A brain (dead) trust that decided kicker Dan Bailey wasn’t as good as CFL guy Brett Maher.

When you decide not to play your starters for training camp, and put them in a nice warm blanket to keep them away from other football players, Sunday happens.

When you decide three points from an unreliable toe of Maher are just as likely as Bailey’s, Sunday happens.

The 2018 Dallas Cowboys are a .500 team praying to win 10; they now have 15 games remaining to lose five.

The Cowboys’ season opening 16-8 loss against the Carolina Panthers looked like some garbage Week 17 game when one team is playing backups knowing it can’t make the playoffs while the other actually tries.

The last time we saw a game this ugly, on New Year’s Eve Day, the Cowboys won 6-0 over an Eagles team whose mission was to avoid injury as they prepared for the postseason.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports columnist Mac Engel "enjoys" a new round of "Mean Tweets," as read by his 9-year-old daughter.

The most entertaining aspect to Sundays’ game for the Cowboys was reading former receiver Dez Bryant Tweeting commentary, Trump style, throughout the game.

The Cowboys did not wake up from their offseason slumber until after they fell behind 16-0 early in the fourth quarter. By that point, Maher had missed his first NFL kick, and the offense was busy going sideways. And backwards.

Against a softer defense in the fourth quarter, only then did the offense move. They had more yards in their TD-drive in the fourth quarter than they had in the entire first half combined.

The Cowboys were so fearful of any injury to key players for the past month, few of them actually played. Those who did play didn’t play together. And when they did all play together, they were not on the field long.

The Cowboys’ offense play was putrid for most of the day Sunday, because this day was essentially their first preseason game together.

All of the fears about the receiving corps were justified by a group that did nothing down the field, while Dez live-Tweeted it all from his couch.

Quarterback Dak Prescott didn’t even bother to look much past 10 yards either because he doesn’t see anyone open, or he doesn’t trust his ability to make that type of throw. Both are plausible.

The Cowboys got a case of the Bad Dak on Sunday.

And Zeke Elliott and his offensive line? Don’t ask.

The “Best Offensive Line in the NFL” looked closer to the bottom than the top.

Again, none of these people showed until 14:12 remaining in the game.

The Cowboys didn’t try to lose this game, but when their brain (dead) trust shut it down at the start of training camp, they essentially made this not only possibly, but likely.

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