Mac Engel

All of you with your burn-in-the-hot place judgment of Art Briles, please stop talking

Former Baylor coach Art Briles is tentatively scheduled to head to Italy to begin working with his new football team in Florence in October, but his stay in Europe may only last a couple of months.

When the next round of college football coaching layoffs comes this fall, Briles should be No. 1 on an college AD’s speed dial.

The man has previously been approached by Purdue and Texas Tech, but both times administrators ran from the PR hit.

If Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t work out at Texas Tech, Briles in Lubbock is the ideal fit.

All of you with your self-righteous indignation and burn-in-the-hot place judgment of Briles, please stop talking.

Chances are good you have talked to no one who was involved in that whole thing in Waco, but did manage to read a few headlines, and maybe a story or two, before firing off a saucy, irate-laced opinion. Then it was off to your kid’s soccer game.

You don’t know. Most of us don’t.

Yes, I am fully aware of the hypocrisy of that criticism; I’ve done it, too.

Despite whatever information may come out about all of that situation, you’ve made up your mind.

The truth is Baylor was well within its right to fire Briles; what it didn’t need to do was to fire him and then carefully place the blame for a university-wide problem on he and his staff. There is a reason they gave him nearly $18 million to leave.

If the Baylor situation makes you so sick, and now the Urban Meyer/Ohio State fiasco makes you so upset, stop watching the game.

Those who stop watching the game are free to complain, while the rest of us are merely drunk enablers of a system that has made all of these scenarios from Waco to Columbus, and all other Power Five points in between, not only possible, but likely.

Exactly no one should have been surprised that the state University of Ohio slapped head ball coach Urban Meyer on the butt with a three-game suspension for having a lapse in judgment based on medication that affected his memory.

He may have known about assistant coach Zach Smith abusing his wife. Or maybe he didn’t. Or he did, but now he can’t remember. Maybe his text messages will help jar his memory, but he recently deleted those. Tough break.

The most important item gleaned from Ohio State’s suspension of Urban Meyer? #BeatMichigan.

The rest of you, men and women alike, don’t matter. Because the only that thing that does matter is #BeatMichigan.

Because this decision is not necessarily about degrading the seriousness of domestic abuse, rather the priority of maintaining status quo of a system that routinely knows how to #BeatMichigan.

And generate a pile of cash. And free media ad buys. And make money.

There is a woman involved here who was once a part of Buckeye Nation, but ... who cares? You say you do, but you continue to watch. Just #BeatMichigan.

As Baylor learned with its decision to fire Briles, there is no satiating the rest of you with any decision, so why even try? Just #BeatMichigan.

As evidenced by the press conference on Wednesday in Columbus, the decision makers at the state University of Ohio do not entirely believe the alleged victim in this matter. In our current heightened state of awareness about the abuse of women, that a group of accomplished leaders would almost completely dismiss her as a person, as well as her claims, says a lot.

None of it’s good.

The business of college football morphed into a soul-selling endeavor years ago, so don’t act surprised when Urban Meyer was allowed to stay on as the leader of young men; don’t be insulted when, in due time, he will return to hero worship status in Ohio. Provided he can #BeatMichigan.

A whole slew of people sure are mad right now, but on Sept. 1, when Brutus and the Buckeyes run out at The ‘Shoe, the place will be packed with more than 104,000 fans eager to watch their favorite team play mighty Oregon State in a crucial Big 14 v. Pac 12 showdown.

Even without Urban, the Bucks are only 37-point favorites.

Meyer will miss the Bucks’ next two games, including the date at JerryWorld on Sept. 15 against TCU.

And then, Ohio’s favorite son and embattled hero will return to lead his young men back onto the field of battle at The ‘Shoe on Sept. 22 against powerhouse Tulane. By that point, he will have been through so much and will have had plenty of time to reflect on his mistakes, and the lessons he’s learned.

Decry it all if you must, but that is what will happen.

If it makes you sick, don’t watch.

Because that’s the sport.

The priority isn’t people, men, women or children.

The priority is to simply #BeatMichigan.

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