Dallas Cowboys

Prescott’s play has halted Jerry Jones’ hunt for veteran backup QB


The Dallas Cowboys are no longer on the hunt for a veteran backup quarterback to play behind starter Tony Romo.

Owner Jerry Jones said rookie sensation Dak Prescott has been so good that the Cowboys have halted all attempts to acquire a veteran backup.

"Yes. Unquestionably," Jones said on his radio show on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday morning.

Jones credits part of Prescott’s fast start and early development to the lack of a veteran backup on the roster following Kellen Moore’s fractured leg. Not only has it allowed him to get more snaps than normal, but Jones said he has already received more snaps in camp and the preseason than Romo had his first three years combined before being named the starter in 2006.

"The big thing is we're going to get a chance to get these snaps. It's been said in a lot of different ways, but experience, snaps, so to speak, they're precious. They're very costly during the regular season for a young guy to take those snaps. He's on your dime and he's out there, and if he makes mistakes -- and they all do -- then it costs you games,” Jones said. “In the preseason, you're trying to get some reps for the veteran quarterback, but then let's say that there's another veteran in the mix somewhere, he's got to get some snaps too. What's happening to us is we're able to give these snaps [to Prescott ] principally because of Romo and where we are with him and his experience. We're able to give these snaps to Dak, and doing so we're going to have him maybe as many snaps during this preseason experience -- evaluation, all of those kinds of things -- as Romo got in his entire career before he became a starter. And you can't buy that.

“You can say, 'Well look at his college tape," but we all know that position has a history of being really hard to judge coming out of college even with top picks. And so the snaps that he gets in his case under center rather than back in shotgun, all of that is just enormously valuable to the team."

Jones said the opportunity to have Prescott as the backup for this year but also the quarterback of the future is important for the franchise in how they shape the roster this year as well as going forward.

"You can do some other things with the draft picks, you can do some other planning that you just can't do if you don't have that in place or feel good about what's in place," Jones said. "It's going to be helpful in a lot of ways if we get real resolve that Dak has that kind of future."

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