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Tony Romo on draft: Cowboys can get ‘impactful’ player to help quickly

Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey (8) would be an immediate help for the Cowboys with the fourth overall pick.
Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey (8) would be an immediate help for the Cowboys with the fourth overall pick. AP

Tony Romo understands why the Dallas Cowboys could use the fourth overall pick on a quarterback. If the organization feels there is a franchise quarterback on the board, then they have to make the move, he agrees.

But Romo also knows his Super Bowl window is now and feels that the Cowboys can immediately improve their team – and his chances for a championship – with that high pick.

Cornerback Jalen Ramsey or defensive end Joey Bosa are among prospects who would help immediately.

“I think you always want someone who can come in and help your football team quickly,” said Romo, appearing with his family at a promotional event Saturday for The Lego Movie 4D: A New Adventure at Legoland.

“So, in that regard, we’re all excited about getting a player who can help us. At that spot you can get an impactful player, so that’s about the only good thing that comes out of the season.”

Still, quarterback remains a pressing need for a team that went 1-11 without Romo last season.

Romo, who turns 36 in April, hasn’t played a full 16-game season since 2012, and there continues to be questions about his durability going forward. He is expected to undergo a procedure to insert a plate in his left collarbone to try and prevent future injuries.

That is why there are so many questions surrounding this draft and how the Cowboys approach it. They could look to strengthen the quarterback position in free agency, with a veteran backup such as Chase Daniel and Colt McCoy, which would allow them to go in another direction in the first-round of the draft.

But, as Romo acknowledged, “If there’s a franchise guy, you always have to look into that. … Good thing I don’t have to make those decisions, but I think we’ll get a good player there.”

Romo also mentioned the draft and free agency when talking about moving on from last season.

“We’ve got to be better,” he said. “I think we didn’t play well enough last year. I think there are a lot of areas that we have to improve. We have an opportunity with a high draft pick to get a player who can really help improve our football quickly and same as free agency. We need to get some new people and some guys on our team have to get better, too.”

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