Dallas Cowboys

A baby giraffe named Witten, after the legendary Cowboys TE, died at the Dallas Zoo

A Dallas Zoo giraffe named after Cowboys tight end Jason Witten died on Monday while receiving anesthesia for a routine physical exam.

According to the Dallas Zoo, “an urgent attempt was made to resuscitate him, without success.”

A necropsy has been ordered.

“Our expert veterinary staff and giraffe zoologists have performed these physical exams many times in the past without incident, but for humans and animals alike, there is always a risk associated with anesthesia and some animals react differently. Witten captured all of our hearts with his outgoing, lovable personality and will be deeply missed,” the Dallas Zoo said on Twitter.

Hoofstock animals, like giraffe, are incredibly resilient and move on quickly, as they would in the wild. But we are keeping a close eye on our herd. As you can imagine, our zoologists are very close to the animals they care for and are heartbroken.”

Witten was born in April 2018 after the Cowboys legend who had retired after 15 seasons.

After a season in the TV booth as a sportcaster for Monday Night Football, Jason Witten announced his return to the NFL. He signed a 1-year deal with the Cowboys in February.

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