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What Hall of Famer does Cowboys QB Dak Prescott remind new QB coach Jon Kitna of?

Rarely do Dak Prescott’s skills as a passer come up when discussing his strengths as a quarterback.

It’s usually about the fourth-year Cowboys quarterback’s leadership, play-making ability, poise, mobility and clutch gene.

But as far as passing skills, those usually brought up as a negative or as something he needs to work on.

That was before Jon Kitna arrived as Cowboys quarterbacks coach.

Kitna, a 15-year NFL veteran who knows a thing or two about passing, invoked the legendary name of Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon when talking about Prescott.

“I had the chance to play with Warren Moon in my second and third year, and I feel like he throws the ball very similar to Warren,” Kitna said of Prescott. “It’s one of the tightest spirals you’ll ever see.”

Now that is high praise because no one could spin it like Moon. He threw one of the prettiest passes ever.

For Prescott to go from being accused of inaccuracy and being unable to throw the back shoulder praise, to throwing like Moon even left him speechless.

“I didn’t know what to say,” Prescott said about first hearing the comparison from Kitna. “I’ll take it. He played forever. Hall of Famer. He can throw it.”

Throwing like Moon for a quarterback is akin to bening it like David Beckham in soccer.

This doesn’t mean Prescott doesn’t have things to work on as a passer. But for Kitna, it’s about fine-tuning his footwork and refining something special that’s already there.

The list of what he has already accomplished is impressive:

* He is the first quarterback in team history to pass for at least 3,000 yards and 20 touchdowns in each of his first three seasons.

* He has established an NFL record for the most game-winning drives in a quarterback’s first three seasons (14).

* He tied the NFL record for the most games with a 100.0 quarterback rating in a player’s first three seasons (24).

* He is the first quarterback in NFL history to post at least 20 passing touchdowns and five rushing touchdowns in each of a player’s first three seasons.

And that doesn’t even include leading the Cowboys to two division titles and 32 wins to rank fifth among quarterbacks in his first three years in NFL history.

Prescott already has a superior work ethic and the drive to be great, which makes the job that much easier for Kitna.

“He works hard at [the little stuff] already,” Kitna said. “That’s stuff that he’s super diligent about already. I’m just trying to give constant feedback of, ‘Hey, when we get this coverage I know the progression starts here but you can move through it fairly quickly because unless they mess it up you aren’t going to get that throw.’ We aren’t coming in here trying to revamp. You don’t need to with him.

“That’s the great thing about Dak is he wants to be elite. When he did his self-evaluation it looked very similar to the self-evaluation I did. We aren’t talking about a guy that needs to be fixed or revamped here. I mean 3,800 yards and a 68 percent completion percentage is pretty darn good in this league… It’s really little things.”

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