Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones wants another Super Bowl. Will he give up a Cowboys home game for it?

When AT&T Stadium opened a decade ago, the hope had been that Tarrant County would become a regular stop on the Super Bowl circuit.

But the stadium has hosted just one Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl to end the 2010 season is remembered just as much for the terrible, freezing weather that week than Aaron Rodgers’ greatness.

However, that week is an aberration of typical early February weather in North Texas and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear that he wants the NFL’s signature event to return.

“Weather is not an issue. That’s a big deal for that big game,” Jones said from the Senior Bowl. “All of that bodes well for us. I think we’re the finest football place in the United States. So, in answering your question, we very much want another Super Bowl.”

The earliest the Super Bowl would return is the 2024 season. The NFL has locked in future sites until then -- Atlanta is the host this year followed by Miami, Tampa, Los Angeles, Phoenix and New Orleans.

Atlanta and Los Angeles have built/ are building new stadiums, and Jones agrees that those cities should be rewarded with a Super Bowl. Last year the Super Bowl was hosted at Minnesota’s new stadium.

“I’m a big believer that new stadiums should get the opportunity to have a Super Bowl because of the commitment the team has made,” Jones said. “I’m a big believer in that.”

But Jones is not a believer in forcing an organization to forfeit a home game in order to land a Super Bowl. Back in 2014, the league voted that any team that hosts a Super Bowl has to give up a home game at some point over a five-year period.

Jones is adamant the Cowboys will not give up a home game for a Super Bowl. But he doesn’t think that stipulation will preclude the Cowboys from landing another Super Bowl.

“That has varying degrees of consideration on how that’s done,” Jones said. “As you know, right now you make a commitment but those will be addressed as we move along. We certainly can’t lose home games. We can’t do that. No.

“But there are a lot of ways to skin the cat.”

The NFL may be enticed to work with the Cowboys because, despite the weather and ticket issues from the previous Super Bowl, it is believed that Super Bowl XLV at AT&T Stadium remains the most financially profitable in history.

AT&T Stadium is the NFL’s biggest stadium with the most suites, something that is attractive for the league’s marquee game.

The NFL has yet to respond to a request for comment about the league’s rules requiring teams to give up a home game in order to host a Super Bowl.

Jones went on to say that North Texas is becoming a more attractive destination for the Super Bowl, too, with the Texas Rangers building a new ballpark and the opening of Texas Live.

“It creates a sports entertainment area that frankly has no peer,” Jones said. “I’m so excited, the aggregation of that type of adjunct activity around the games themselves is something I believe in. I believe that you can enhance the experience with additional, affinity type activity. We know that those kinds of things at the ballpark, that enhances the experience for the fans. Since we’re literally joined at the hip out there, it enhances our fans experience.

“That’s collectively ... that and us and Six Flags out there creates quite a destination for people.”

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