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You might be surprised at which Dallas Cowboy wanted to be the team’s NFLPA rep and why

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Clarence Hill gives you five players to watch as the Dallas Cowboys host the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football.

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford was asked if teammate David Irving’s quest to become the team’s NFL Player’s Association representative was akin to Donald Trump becoming President.

He dismissed the notion at first because he didn’t see Irving’s bid as a joking matter.

But the more he thought about it, the more he saw the comparison of an outsider coming into the process to buck the system and not settle for the traditional choice.

It was Crawford’s belief that because of Irving’s experience being suspended twice by the NFL for using a banned substance, as well as illegal drugs, that he knew the system as well as anyone.

He certainly was going to get his vote.

Irving, ultimately, didn’t win. Tight end Geoff Swaim was elected as the team’s new NFLPA rep, replacing kicker Dan Bailey, who was released before the start of the season. Cornerback Byron Jones was named the alternate.

But Irving made his voice heard with an impassioned speech.

One of Irving’s goals is to get the league to stop testing for marijuana.

No one was prouder of Irving than his attorney Daniel Moskowitz, who has helped Irving navigate through his most recent suspension and who has been one of the main people urging him to run for NFLPA rep.

He said Irving was being groomed for the position by noted NFL fixer Mike Ornstein.

“Fans and peers shouldn’t question the sincerity of David’s charge to be the Cowboys Players Representative or leader in CBA/labor issues,” Moskowitz said. “Arguably, David has been affected more by certain NFL/NFLPA policies more than any other player, giving him insight no one else has. David is cultivating his own unique style as demonstrated by his impassioned plea made before his peers. It was beautiful. David showed his teammates Samuel Gompers’ infamous words can be realized: ‘There is not a right too long denied to which we do not aspire in order to achieve; there is not a wrong too long endured that we are not determined to abolish’.”

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