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Dak Prescott on taking over for Romo, Zeke’s speed and that famous Seattle noise

Dak Prescott’s life changed the last time he played a game at Seattle’s Century Link Field.

That night in August 2016, he was forced to take over for Tony Romo, who was injured early in the game and missed most of the regular season.

From that night on, however, The Dallas Cowboys offense has been Prescott’s. As he prepared for the Cowboys 3:25 p.m. Sunday game in Seattle, the third-year quarterback looked back at that night, discussed the addition of receiver Brice Butler and explained how Ezekiel Elliott uses different gears in his running game.

What does the addition of receiver Brice Butler do for the offense?

I’m comfortable with Brice. He can stretch the field. He’s a big, tall receiver. That’s always good to have. He’s got good hands and he’s going to compete for the ball any time it’s in the air.

Does Butler bring something the offense didn’t have?

I don’t know about that. We’ve got some receivers with speed and some receivers who can go up and compete for the ball. He does a few of those things but he’s a great addition as well.

How has the defense’s success helped the offense?

When you see the defense going out and doing what they’re doing that gives us a lot of confidence. We want to go out there and do the same. We want to go get points, we want to get touchdowns. We want to keep them off the field so they’re well-rested so when they go back out there they keep doing the great things they’re doing.

The last time you played in Seattle was the night you replaced an injured Tony Romo in a preseason game. Your recollections of that night?

I’ve been a starter at all levels. Obviously, it’s something I’m familiar with. So when that whole deal went down for me it was just worry about the play and wish for the best for the guy who went down. I’m thinking Tony is OK. He’s a guy I had grown close to for a few months. [I was thinking] he was fine and he was going to come back. I think he even tried to come back in the game and they wouldn’t let him. Nothing in my mind said I was going to be the starter.

What do you remember about Ezekiel Elliott’s game that night?

Showing how physical he was and his demeanor and attitude when he runs the ball. I remember him showing everybody this is who I am and this is what you’re going to have to deal with.

Is Elliott faster than he looks?

Zeke has this innate ability to run just as fast as he needs to. So he’s not putting it on 100 mph if he doesn’t have to. If 80 is good enough, he’s going to run at 80. But he can get to 100.

Do you need to run the ball at least five or six times a game for this offense?

I’ll leave that to Coach [Scott] Linehan. I know we have that threat. You never know, it depends on how a defense plays us.If the defense gives me that read, I’ll use it.

How do you prepare for playing in Seattle’s home environment, which is famously one of the loudest in the league?

You hear about it from a lot of people who have played there that it’s crazy. But I’ve played in some loud stadiums. Denver last year was pretty loud. Going back to college and every week was loud. It’s something we’re preparing for now. We’ve got the music blasting [during [practice].

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