Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys’ partnership (and ownership) with 50 Papa John’s stores won’t change

The Dallas Cowboys don’t plan on severing any of their ties with Papa John’s, owner Jerry Jones said, because the franchise has a closer relationship to the pizza chain than most other sports teams.

In fact, the Cowboys own a percentage of 50 Papa John’s stores in North Texas, making the business an integral business partner for the team.

Many sports teams, including the Texas Rangers, have severed or altered current deals with Papa John’s in the wake of founder John Schnatter’s use of a racist term during a conference call, which was first reported on July 11. Schnatter resigned as chairman of the board that same day.

Some of teams I’ve noticed have addressed the Papa John’s issue by distancing themselves do not have the same relationship that the Cowboys have with the Papa John’s in Texas,” Jones said. “We feel strongly that our Cowboys are the big face of Papa John’s and that judgment is warranted over what we’ve done over the last 15 years with Papa John’s.”

Jones said the issue for unfortunate for the company and for Schnatter during the Cowboys’ training camp press conference on Wednesday.

“I’m sure if he could do it over again he liked some do overs but the bottom line is we own those stores. It’s not an endorsement,” Jones said. “We literally have a 1,000 of people that work in those stores and several thousands that are customers and we want that [relationship] to have the kind of taste in your mouth we want when you have Papa John’s, to use a phrase.”

Cowboys’ executive vice president Stephen Jones said issues such as the Papa John’s public relations fiasco need to be dealt with firmly and quickly.

“Our relationship is a little more intricate than most,” he said. “There have been some that have changed their stance with them. We certainly know that it’s very serious. But we’ve got to move forward and face the challenges head on. I think Papa John’s and their board will certainly do everything that they need to do to right the ship.”

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