Dallas Cowboys

NFL great Drew Pearson talks draft, Cowboys free agency and Eagles fans

Drew Pearson has a few things on his mind.

On Wednesday, the legendary Dallas Cowboys wide receiver helped present the first public renderings of the layout for the upcoming NFL Draft, which will be held in-and-around AT&T Stadium April 26-28..

Following the presentation, Pearson discussed the Cowboys' strategy in free agency, who the team might select in the draft, as well as the ins-and-outs of the event and his infamous moment at last year's draft in Philadelphia in front of a massive Pro Eagles crowd.

On the Cowboys' cautious approach to free-agency

"That's the way they've been doing things the last few years, and I didn't expect them to do anything differently. There are a lot of good free agents out there, and a lot of wide receivers in particular, but they just felt like there wasn't one there that they needed to spend the type of money these free agents are getting nowadays."

On who the Cowboys should pick in the upcoming draft

"Anybody but defense, go offense. I'm an offensive guy. Let's score some points. The name of the game is outscoring your opponent and if we get enough weapons on offense we may be able to do that. I am thinking wide receiver, maybe offensive lineman. Something of that nature."

On Alabama wide receiver Calvin Ridley

"I like him. I think he's the top wide receiver in the draft this year. There are a lot of other good ones, but he's the one that warrants a first-round pick. If he's there when the Cowboys do pick, I think it will be a tough decision on whether to take him or whoever else might be there."

On what kind of reception NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will receive at AT&T Stadium

"He's going to get a welcome reception because the fans here in the arena will be mixed. He better be careful when he steps outside the stadium. But he'll get a mixed reception here. We all know what we went through last year dealing with some issues with the commissioner's office. But this is not a time to deal with that. This is a time to exalt and appreciate the draft as we take it to another level."

On the reception for whichever Philadelphia Eagles legend makes a pick at AT&T stadium

"All I know is that whoever they bring, they will be met with a chorus of boos, more than the chorus of boos I was met with coming out of that tunnel [in Philadelphia]. Coming out from backstage to that podium, I was getting excited as I took every step toward that podium to deliver my message."

On what he has planned for his appearance this year, specifically in response to the Eagles

"I haven't seen my final instructions on my final participation in the draft this year. But once I get them i will prepare myself and be ready to give a response to whatever they bring. And to welcome people to this draft. I am not knocking Philly. Philly did a great job handling the draft as far as securing it and keeping me secure after I made my announcement. They did a marvelous job. We have to work to top that. But with the plans we have in the works, we will top it."